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  1. I'm trying to connect 20 Corsair fans and would like to control them through icue. 19 Ql120 and 1 Ql140. I'm almost done with the build and ready to install windows but want to be sure I get the wiring right so I don't unintentionally burn something up. Right now i have two thermaltake commander 10 port pwn fan hubs that is sata powered that all my fans are connected to. I'm wondering if i can plug the 4 pin cable going from the thermaltake hub into the corsair commander pro? From looking into this thermaltake hub it sounds like only one fan is detected and the other 9 fans speed is the same as the master fan on the hub. Since it's sata powered i'm assuming it will be safe to plug into the Corsair commander pro. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi, I am planing to build my first pc with corsair 4000d airflow ql edition with h115i elite capellix liquid cooler but today I realized the fans in case and cooler are different but I want them too be compatitible I was wondering if it would be compatitible so if it wasn't I was planing to change the fans of the cooler. Also I am planing to have 6 fans for my setup 3 for taking air in 3 or exhaust. Can anyone tell em if it is going to have a problem or not and what should I do? And this is first time I do things with rgb so pls correct my mistakes.
  3. Hello, About a year and a half ago I acquired 4 QL120s for my build. Quite quickly one of them had a green part of an LED die. I replaced it through Amazon and for a while everything was fine. However, time has passed and I now have two fans presenting the same problem (one with 6 bad LEDs and one with 2 bad LEDs). I have read other people are having the same issue and each time the solution was to replace them. However in this case, some bad LEDs seem to work on some occasions. Could the controller be the problem ? Or are they just on the way out ? It's a shame paying such a premium for LEDs and having them fail. Should I contact customer support ? Thanks in advance for your help. P.S. I can attach pictures if you feel they would be relevant.
  4. Hi. I was building the PC, and I noticed that the screws that came with the XR5 radiator don't quite fir when mounting the QL fan to the radiator. The instruction manual for the rad says to use the 35mm screws with fans that have rubber pads like the LL series (my QL fans also have some rubber pads). The problem is that the 35mm screws still hang out by about 3mm even when screwed in all the way into the protection metal plate near the rad fins. I tried the 30mm screws too, they are about 1-2mm too short. I can manage to screw them in if I press on the screw as I am screwing it in, but I am afraid that this might be bad for the fan rubber pad (it gets squished a bit against the rad). Does anyone have any experience with this kind of setup? Should I buy rubber washers and use the 35mm screws, or is it safe to try to use the 30mm screw and have the fan rubber pad squeezed a bit? Thanks in advance.
  5. Liebe Community, Ich habe in meinem Setup einen Commander Core und einen Commander Core XT, wobei 6 Lüfter mit dem Commander Core schon vorher verbunden waren (Der Commander Core gehört zu meiner i170 elite capellix). Nun ist mein Commander Core XT angekommen, womit ich auch noch die restlichen Lüfter benutzen kann. Ich hab alle Lüfter nochmal umgesteckt, aber nun habe ich das komische Problem, dass einer von vier QL Lüftern überall leuchtet und nicht alle. Könnte mir da jmd. helfen? KingSchorschi
  6. I recently completed a new build where I have 6x QL120s and a H150i Elite Capellix AIO with 3x ML120s. I have it wired such that the ML120s are routed (both RGB and PWM) to a Commander Core, which is then routed into a Commander Pro via USB. The 6x QL120 RGB connections go to a Lightning Node Core that came with the fans in the 3-pack and that connects to the Commander Pro as well via USB; the PWM connections are direct into the Commander Pro. When booting up, all the fans have an evolving spectrum lighting going but when looking in ICUE, it only allows me to adjust the RGB for the AIO fans. It recognizes that there are fans plugged into the Commander Pro (as I can change the speed of the fans) but it doesn't recognize anything on the lighting side. I tried manually selecting 6 fans and then changing settings in the lighting but nothing actually changed physically. A bit confused on how to make the lighting work for the QL fans so any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. I recently noticed that half of my LED strips are no longer lit. The only thing I have changed is adding a sensor panel to my PC, but that just uses one of the RGB headers and not linked to any of the Corsair accessories. I'm not sure if the strips had stopped lighting before or after installing the panel anyway. I've attached a diagram of how my Corsair products are laid out, as well as two images for proof that they used to work and now don't. The strips are laid out in a daisy chain of 250 > 450 > 250, and labelled on the Commander Pro as 6 Led Strips. I have connected them individually to make sure the LED's themselves haven't just died and they all work fine. Another problem I have is that for some reason my 2 LL120's only light up white, not with the colour set in iCUE. Although the LL120's aren't actually visible in iCUE. Any ideas on what may have caused this problem, and what the solution is? Even if it means purchasing a different controller/hub?
  8. Hi, dies ist mein erster Forumbeitrag und ich hoffe mal dass ich es gerade richtig mache. Mein Problem: Nach einem Update der iCue Software kam ein Fehler mit den Makros auf. Im Internet stand dass eine komplette Deinstallation des Programms den Fehler beheben soll. Dies tat ich auch nach der Neuinstallation verlief alles gut. Jedoch kann ich auf einmal nicht mehr die Farben meiner 5 QL 120 ändern obwohl davor alles geklappt hatte die Lüfter haben einfach keine Farbe. Mein Ram, Pc Gehäuse und Tastatur Funktionieren Problemlos. (Nur meine Tastatur kann ich aktuell nicht Updaten aufgrund irgend eines Fehlers). Aber ich schätze mal das dies nichts mit den Lüftern zutun hat. Vor der Deinstallation konnte ich die Farben meiner Lüfter beliebig ändern ohne Probleme (Ein Comander pro ist auch eingebaut falls die Info etwas bringt). Gruß: Batu
  9. Hey Corsair Community, I seem to be having a problem with my Corsair QL120 Fans. I have them set to all white in iCUE and it's been working perfectly until one day one of the fans had a LED stuck on purple. I tried everything that I could to fix it but couldn't. I RMA'd it for a new one and that was a success. Now another two of my fans are now having the same issue. Has anyone else got this problem? Would anyone know a fix or am I looking to RMA the fans again? See attached photos. Thanks, Beauzinga
  10. Hi, so for almost a year now i've had 10 QL120's installed in my PC, I build my PC all brand new, the fans are all hooked up to corsair hardware, 6 fans are connected to the Corsair Elite Capellix cooler, the other 4 are connected to a RGB hub and a Corsair commander pro, I use iCue to control the fans and lightning, so no 3th party software or hardware. Now for the problem, a few LED's from 5 fans always show a different color then what I assign it, currently it's set to all white and some LEDs are pink (as shown in the picture) this is for a few colors, with yellow it becomes red for example, and for some colors it's working perfectly fine, I've been in contact with Corsair customer support, they couldn't fix the issue and send me new fans, they worked for about a day and then it went back to acting weird. I've tried fully reinstalling all Corsair software and resetting the commander pro, elite capellix and RGB hub, this didn't help as well... I've also tried switching the connectors, it doesn't matter in what port the fan is plugged into, the same fan with the same LED's keep acting strange. I'm all out of ideas, I really hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance! Morris
  11. Hi, I've been searching and apparently seems that QL led's are subject to some issue, here is mine also. Being a 150$ kit, well this shoudn't happened Do someone else have sorted out how to fix it (I've already open a ticket with support); I wasn't expecting this lack of quality control from Corsair on a "premium" devices
  12. Hey all, I recently purchased 4 packs of the Corsair Ql120 RGB Triple Packs with Lighting Node Core. 6 of them are going on my Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix Liquid CPU Cooler in a push pull configuration. The other 6 are split between front intake and side intake on my Corsair 5000D AIRFLOW ATX Mid Tower Case. Additionally, I have a Corsair QL140 RGB, 140mm RGB LED Fan for my exhaust out the back. My issue is, my motherboard, Asus ROG MAXIMUS XIII HERO ATX LGA1200 Motherboard, only has 2 usb headers... So how do I even begin to connect all of the fans and RGB to this board? I know that each 3 pack of fans comes with a Lighting Node Core 6 which means I have 4 of those. Additionally, I have 1x Commander CORE RGB & PWM Fan Controller and 1x Corsair iCUE Commander PRO Smart RGB Lighting and Fan Speed Controller. my issue is that I was also hoping to still use at least 1 of the USB headers on the motherboard for the front of the case usb's. I can't see how to put this together so that all fans and all USBs work. Any help would be super appreciated! Thanks!
  13. Hello, first time post and first time building a PC. I am building with the following parts, and it'll be clear shortly why I only have 1 USB 2.0 header: - Asus Prime x570-Pro - EVGA 3080ti FTW3 - Ryzen 7 5800 - 1000 W EVGA G5 PSU - WD NVMe - RP-Link AX3000E Wifi 6 / Bluetooth card (*needs 1 of the 2 USB 2.0 headers for bluetooth) - Lian Li Dynamic 011 Dynamic Now onto the Corsair components I want to install: - H150i Capellix AIO (not using the included ML120 fans) - 9x QL120 fans I have the following Corsair hubs: - Commander Core (comes with H150i) - Commander Pro (bought separately) - 3x Lighting Node Core (comes with each 3-pack of QL120) So, the question is: how can I control all of these fans RGB and PWM using iCue with only 1 USB 2.0 header available? I have seen a graphic (below) where the Commander Core is plugged into the Commander Pro, but have read that if it is configured this way, then the Commander Core does not appear in iCue properly). I was then thinking I would need to plug both the Commander Pro and Commander Core into my mobo USB headers but I need one of those headers for the wireless card. I would appreciate any guidance on the best way to configure this, and whether or not I need any PWM splitters (and if I do, what I should know about using them so that I do not have any issues with the hubs, etc). Thank you in advance!
  14. Bonjour, J'ai fait l'acquisition d'un watercooling custom récemment. Voici la liste des éléments : - x6 Fans => QL120 RGB -> regroupés par 3 sur 2 radiateurs XRT 360 - CPU Waterblock => XC7 RGB - GPU Waterblock => XG7 RGB - Pompe => XD5 RGB J'ai aussi un HUB avec la possibilité de brancher 6 fans. Mais du coup j'ai l'impression qu'il va me manquer certains éléments ? Peut-être un commander et un autre HUB? J'ai l'impression dans un premier temps que je peux chainer la pompe XD5 avec la XG7 du GPU puis mettre ça sur un AdressableRGB? À chaque fois (XC7 / XG7 et la XD5) il y a 2 cables et j'ai l'impression que les 3 peuvent être chainés pour finir sur un seul port ARGB de la Carte Mère. Pour infos la CM est une ASUS ROG Maximus XII Formula. Questions 1. Du coup est-ce que la XC7 + XG7 + XD5 sont bien chainables? Si oui le premier a un des 2 cables qui va nulle part et sur le dernier le second va dans la CM c'est bien ça? Mon véritable soucis ici est le branchement! Le HUB et le Commander PRO (que je n'ai pas pour ce dernier) ne peuvent accueillir chacun que 6 FANS! Hors j'ai 6 FANS + le FAN de la pompe! 2. Comment effectuer les branchements? Merci d'avance :)
  15. Hi everyone, First time build and first time using Corsair products together. I currently have 7x QL120 fans that will be going into a O11D Mini case. I also have a 240mm H100i AIO that I have fitted another 2 QL120 fans to instead of the standard ones that come with it. I have purchased a Commander Pro unit, then a couple of the LED Fan HUBs. I have also bought a few Fan Y-Splitter Cables for connecting these together. My issue is that I have completely no clue how these should be connected together in order to make the best use out of the RGB, and if anyone could recommend or explain how best to connect these it would be really appreciated. I have seen a few other posts about this and a few diagrams, but just wanted to see if anyone had any better information on how to make sure they are connected in the right order. Also, I wasn't sure how many headers that I would need so as to get the power to all of these, and if I need to buy any additional splitters for 9 fans? Thanks in advance to anyone who has been able to help with this. :biggrin:
  16. At the moment i have 10 Fans in my PC 3 ML120 on my Corsair elite Capellix 150i and 7 QL120 All connected with Fan Splitters to the Commander pro. I want to change them to 7 Corsair ML120 Pro 75 CFM 120 mm Fans https://pcpartpicker.com/product/wPFXsY/corsair-co-9050041-ww-750-cfm-120mm-fan-co-9050041-ww and 2 Corsair ML140 Pro 97 CFM 140 mm Fan https://nl.pcpartpicker.com/product/ycH48d/corsair-co-9050046-ww-970-cfm-140mm-fan-co-9050046-ww Now my question is, does the Commander pro work with these Fans? If i plug them into the fan part of the Hub will i be able to control them in Icue to change and adjust the fan speed. I have looked around for the last few hours but i can't seem to find a real answer on them, no videos or forum really explaining it. so i made an account here in the hopes of getting an answer! :biggrin:
  17. Hi. To whom it may concern; I am a long-term PC enthusiast and this new build is the first time I'll be using the iCue software and RGB Fans. I think I've plugged them all adequately but can't get four of them to light up on boot. Let's get down to brass tacks: I use the Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL as case. I have a corsair Elite Capellix 360mm with the Commander Core, a Commander Pro, and two Lighting Node Cores (bought with my fans). I run 16 total fans, 6 as push/pull on the front (side, because of how the O11XL is made), 6 push/pull on top, 1 rear exhaust and 3 bottom intake. This is how they are plugged : The 6 of them on front are linked to the Elite Capellix's Commander Core, and therefore that wonderful little thingy takes care of all 6 fans' PWM AND RGB control (Neato Mosquito, would have bought 2 more of those if I could !) For the 6 of them on the top of the case, their PWM support is taken care of by my Commander Pro, and their RGB control by one of my lighting core nodes that came with a 3pack of QL120's. Now this is where I can't figure out what's wrong; the 4 remaining fans' (1 rear exhaust, 3 bottom intake) PWM control is done by a Cooler Master 10 PWM fan hub (https://www.newegg.com/cooler-master-mfx-mhhn-10nn1-r1-black/p/1W8-0049-00060?Description=cooler%20master%20pwm%20fan%20hub&cm_re=cooler_master%20pwm%20fan%20hub-_-1W8-0049-00060-_-Product) and their RGB Control is done by my second lighting node Core, so it only has 4 fans plugged and they are adequately plugged in the 1, 2, 3 and 4 ports. Those four do NOT light up on boot, but the iCue software recognizes that second lighting node core. I've tried changing its Satapower plug and USB header port, no change. They still don't light up on boot. Is it because I'm using a non-Corsair PWM fan hub ? Is it because I need to set-up that second lighting node core to try and control only 4 fans instead of 6? I'm guessing the solution is real simple here but since I am a very early beginner at iCue, I can't see it. Added quick snap of the inside of the PC, can't see the 3 bottom fans because they weren't lighting up. Thank you for your help !
  18. I recently built and installed my new PC and have been having issues with my 9 QL120 RGB fan setup. The iCUE software is switching the order of my 2 Light Node Cores that I have plugged into my Commander Pro USB ports. I have tried swapping the USB ports which seems to work initially, but the next time i restart my computer it switches the order of the Light Node Cores in the iCUE software again. Is there a way to switch the order of the Lighting Node Cores in iCUE software, or do I have to go about this a different way? Here is how I have my Corsair products hooked up: 6 QL120 RGB fans plugged into 1 Light Node Core the 6 power cables are plugged into the Commander Pro, and the Light Node Core is plugged into the Commander Pro's USB and Sata cable is plugged into the PSU 3 QL120 RGB fans attached to H150i radiator on the top of the case, the 3 power cords are plugged into the radiators splitter and the RGB cables are plugged into a 2nd Light Node Core. That 2nd Core is plugged into the Commander Pro's 2nd USB port and Sata cable is plugged into the PSU The Commander Pro's Sata is plugged into the PSU, and the USB is plugged into the Motherboard. Thank you for any help, I have attached a photo to show the numbering order on my 2 Lighting Node Cores. I am trying to get the visor effect to go through 1-6 red and then 1-3 green (according to my photo) but it's going 1-3 green and then 1-6 red
  19. Bonjour, J'aimerai savoir si ce montage est correct pour mettre 9 QL120 dans mon Lian Li O11. Je précise que les 3 du bas seront montés sur mon H150i Elite Capellix 360mm. Merci d'avance pour vos réponses !
  20. Hi. I purchased a Corsair 680X case. As you guys know, it comes with 3 LL120 fans. However, because these LL120 fans only has RGB on one side, I wanted to buy an extra QL120 to cover the 3 remaining fan spots in the case. If I understand correctly, using the Lightning Node Core from the QL120, The LL120 should be able to light their RGB but only one side of the QL120. Or maybe use the Light Node Pro that comes from the case? This is because I plan to have two 120mm at the bottom for intake and, thus, LLs would show their back... Correct me if I'm wrong? Cheers. P.S I know there's a supposed firmware update that will allow mix-and-match but this is in the meantime.
  21. Hallo zusammen, habe eine Frage über meiner Wasserkühlung H100i RGB Platinum. Kann ich dort die ML120 Pro RGB durch QL120 RGB Lüfter austauschen? Muss ich noch etwas beachten, dass ich diese Lüfter verbauen kann? Brauche ich für die QL120 Lüfter den Commander Pro? Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe. Gruss TnBoy
  22. hey folks! Im kinda new to the whole Corsair Eco System right now. Im start to build my new Hydro X system pretty soon and i designed prev. designed my loop already. Now im kinda stuck with the RGB Fan part. I will use 10x QL120 RGB Fans, 2x Lightning Node Core, 1x Commander Pro and 3-PWM-Triplesplitter I didnt connect the FAN RGB cable into the said lightning node core here. Is it correct that i need 3x SATA Power here? http://i.epvpimg.com/s7Xjeab.png Thanks for any advice maybe i dont need so much devices here for my 10x fan setup. Can i add RGB strips to the Commander pro here too?
  23. hi there guys, I brought some QL120's around 3 months ago and just recently noticed that one of the fans does this randomly (one led on fan 1 isnt showing green correctly - shows red when yellow/white is selected, same place everytime); [ame= ] [/ame] It seemed to 'fixed' by setting an solid colour/or changing colour in hardware lighting (sometimes takes a couple of 'goes' to get it to work). Although its not 'fixing' it this time :/ [update] This morning doesnt seem to fix it now :s Surely the green led hasnt blown already after 3 months? This makes me confused if its a software or hardware issue? Any advice would be greatly welcomed! Hopefully its something simple! Many thanks!
  24. Hello all! Im new here and just wanted to ask for some advice, im building a new computer and im trying to keep it all Corsair (or as much as i can) So heres what i got for the build so far: Lian Li O11dx case Msi mpg x570 gaming pro carbon Ryzen 9 3900x Corsair vengeance pro rgb 32gb (2x16gb) 3600mhz Corsair h150i elite capellix cpu cooler (360mm) Samsung 980 pro 1tb ssd Seagate barracuda 4tb hd Thermaltake toughpower grand rgb 850w Corsair ql120 rgb fans (3-3 packs) Corsair lighting node pro (led strips) Corsair commander pro Xpg argb extension cables (24pin and 8pin) I want to know how to get all the corsair products to run on icue and not have any issues at all and using as few usb ports on my mb as possible. Ive done a lot of research and i cant seem to find my exact situation and a lot of people are just using fans and an aio, not in addition to the led strips. So ill be running the h150i (with stock fans replaced with ql120s), 6 additional QLs, the leds, and possibly the xpd rgb extension cables (if they are supported). From the diagrams ive seen, it seems that most people link the individual rgb fan headers to the hubs, and the hubs to the commander pro, and the commander pro to the mb and sata. Would i need a usb splitter as well since my mb only has 2 usb ports? will i need a sata splitter? Am i missing something here? Or would i be on the right track? Any and all help will be truly appreciated. Thank you all!
  25. Hello Corsair users!!!! I have just done a new build and am fairly new to the corsair rgb and fan ecosystem. The build is a 465x case with the RGB Lighting node core and I have installed a commander pro as well. The mobo is a asus ROG strix x570-e gaming cpu= amd ryzen 7 3700x gpu= zotac gaming gforce rtx 3060 ti psu= evga superNOVA 750ga 80+gold. I have 4 LL120 3 in the front of case and one as rear exhaust then 2 QL120 on the top of the case as exhaust. i have learned reading through a bunch of post that you cant mix fans with the RGB Lighting node core. so my question is can you run 2 corsair rgb Lighting node cores off 1 commander pro with each rgb Lighting node core controlling only a set of LL or QL fans? Question 2!! This issue seams to be one with either Icue software or my commander pro. so what is happening is that what ever fan is plugged into port 6 wants to spin at 2300 rpm. I have tried multiple fans a different LL120 a QL120 and a non corsairs branded fan to take out the variable. They all sadly spin up to 2300 rpm Icue says and sound like a jet is taking off. I see for the specs of the LL and QL that they are only suppose to be 500-1500 rpm roughly so getting 2300rpm cant be good.......:bigeyes: The logical thing would be go to the icue software and adjust the speed. the problem is that majority of the time the software doesn't change any of the speeds. I will have to do a full reboot of my PC and sometimes and i will get lucky that they change. I can get port 6 to match the other fans if its on quite mode vs all the others being on extreme but it shouldn't be that way. It should be even across the board right??? I look in my open hardware monitor and it says that fans 1,3, and 4 only get 60%. these fans would be bottom front intake LL120 Top font intake LL120 and top of case exhaust QL120. So anyone know what could be the issue here do i need a new commander pro or are there some settings hidden in a windows PC or is it the mixing of types of fans???? I really hope someone can help me with this cause it is so frustrating...... Thank you for you time!!!! suggestion for Corsair software developers- make it so you can control either ll or ql fan by telling what fan is in each port on the same Lighting node core
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