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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I am planing to build my first pc with corsair 4000d airflow ql edition with h115i elite capellix liquid cooler but today I realized the fans in case and cooler are different but I want them too be compatitible I was wondering if it would be compatitible so if it wasn't I was planing to change the fans of the cooler. Also I am planing to have 6 fans for my setup 3 for taking air in 3 or exhaust. Can anyone tell em if it is going to have a problem or not and what should I do? And this is first time I do things with rgb so pls correct my mistakes.
  2. Try not to focus on my artistic skills, the non-existent attempt to scale things according to real-life, and the fact that I didn't put the fan cables side-by-side. lol ML refers to ML140 Elite fans. Could be QL140 too. PINK for RGB cables and slots. RED for fan cables and slots. YELLOW for USB cables and slots. TL;DR: Will everything work fine if I follow the illustration above? I'm getting myself some new fans and light strips as soon as the Lian Li O11 Air Mini is available in Brazil. I have no idea where I should begin when it comes to the accessories needed to achieve my goal, so any help would be appreciated. I already have two ML140 Elite fans from my H115i Elite AIO and I think I'll buy another 4 because they seem to be more durable than something like an LL140 or QL140. I might change my mind and get 4 or 6 QL140. I'll have 2 front intake, 2 bottom intake, and 2 top exhaust fans (for my radiator), all 140 mm. I'm not counting the 120 mm rear fan because I'll use a discrete non-RGB fan there, or maybe even an LCD monitoring screen instead of a fan. As for the light strips, my plan is to set an LS100 450mm strip at the top and the other at the bottom, so that's why I wouldn't daisy chain them. I have the Commander CORE that came with the AIO, but not the Commander PRO. I guess I could get a Lighting Node PRO instead, but the Commander PRO would allow me to add extra fans if I ever need to. These are the main questions I have: Would the LS100 Expansion Kit 450mm strips work without the LS100 Starter Kit? Corsair's website says the LS100 Starter Kit is required for some reason, but I'm hoping they will work with the Commander PRO alone since I don't really need 4 strips and another controller. Can I connect the Commander CORE USB cable into the Commander PRO USB slot? If so, is there any difference between this and connecting each controller into a different USB 2.0 slot in the motherboard?
  3. I have an NZXT H710, and chose to mount my H115i Platinum to the top of the case, with the ML fans pulling, thus visible inside the case. I replaced all the internal NZXT RGB strips and fans with Corsair RGB strips connected to a Lighting Node Pro which connects to my Commander Pro. I replaced the exhaust fan and 2 intake fans with LL 140s. At the time of purchase, I was not well educated into the complexity of getting different series fans to play nice. Nor how iCue doesnt allow for much customization in the sequencing of lighting devices. Since the two ML radiator fans are in the middle of the 3 LL fans, is there any possible way to get iCue to sync these as a series of 5 fans? I have the 3 LLs plugged into an RGB hub, which plugs into the Commander Pro, and I have the ML fans plugged into the AIO. I bought an extra RGB hub, and plugged them into that, which i then connected to the Commander pro, but same results. And before you link me, yes, I have poured over ZOttys diagrams and How-Tos, to no avail. Thank you kindly, in advance!
  4. I'm looking to connect three ML140 fans to my setup with the fan hub that is supplied with the twin pack, and purchase a singular ML140 to add to the hub as it supports up to six fans. I would then add the fan hub to the JCorsair1 header on my MSI Z370 Gaming pro Carbon Motherboard by using the connector that came with my motherboard. Apparently from what I've read, the connecter that comes with the fan hub will not connect to the JCorsair1 header. You have to use the connector that the Motherboard supplies you with. I've seen from other people that they've had success with the HD140, LL140, and the SP140 variants using this exact process, but I haven't seen anything with the ML140 fans. The fan hub that is required to connect to the Jcorsair1 header looks exactly the same as the others, so am I right to assume that if I were to connect the fan hub to the Jcorsair1 header, I can control the ML140 fans by Mystic Light software? The reason being, I have multiple RGB components already controlled by Mystic Light, and I would LOVE to use the ML140 fans, but if they are not compatible, I may have to look elsewhere. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Hi guys/gals, I have the H110i GT with the 2 pre-installed fans. I fancy moving to a push/pull cooling setup so I've purchased 4 ML140 fans to use with the radiator. I also have a Corsair Commander Pro. The H110i comes with a default 2 fan connectors so my question is, what would you recommend for the push/pull setup? Connecting all 4 fans to the Commander Pro as well as the front 200mm fan and the rear exhaust fan Connecting 2 ML140s to the H110i's own connectors (push set) and leave the other 2 ML140s on the Commander Pro (pull set) Use splitters to connect 2 fans to each of the 2 outputs of the H110i Would using the Commander Pro for all 4 radiator cooling fans cause a problem with the H110i saying there's no cooling running? Thanks for your advice AIDA64-SystemReport.txt
  6. I bought a 120mm ML140 for the exhaust (back) area of my case which is a NZXT H440. The RPMs operate really high for no reason at random times. Especially while running Rainbow Six Siege via Steam for some reason. It stays silent during light use and even while playing other high demanding games. I've set a lower fan curve in the BIOS as well as many other different settings and it hasn't changed a thing. I also installed AI Suite Suite 3, optimized all fans and even used the RPM fix option, still no change. Any ideas? It's driving me insane at this stage!
  7. I have 6 ML 140's on a new build, I finally got the os installed and then set up the cabling on the commander pro. On first boot after installing the fans to the Commander Pro and LED hub, all fans spun and showed the default RGB color. When I got into the OS, i installed the Corsair Link software. Immediately after running the software for the first time, all RGB on the fans stopped functioning. I reinstalled the software, reinstalled the firmware, nothing seems to be able to get these fans to light up. Just to make sure it wasnt the fans themsevles, I took the commander pro out of the equation, and just used the LED hub and lighting pro hub for the RGB, and connected all my fans to the MB, all fan RGB came back, but of course I cannot control the fan speeds through the corsair link software anymore. I also reinstalled the software as well as reflashed the firmware on the commander pro, no dice. Someone mentioned there is a older firmware that may work, how do I download that? If anyone else has run into this, I would love to know what the solution is for getting the RGB to function again. My board is the Asus Hero Maximus X Thank you. joey
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