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4 out of 6 QL fans lighting up


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Hello guys. I have 3xQL120 and 3xQL140 that i hooked up to the lighting core. However port 5 and port 6 aren’t working. All the fans work and they all light up in port 1. But as soon as i try to plug any fan in port 5 or 6 it doesn’t work. So all 6 are spinning but only 4 have any rgb. The fans aren’t broken as all work correctly. Is the rgb hub broken? Or is there a limit in how many leds the core hub can power? 

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The Lighting Node Pro has an LED limit that can be exceeded by high number of QL fans, but not the Lighting Node Core that you got from the multi-pack of QL.  You've done your work properly and it does suggest there may be an issue with the LNCore at port 5.  However, be aware you can have a defect on the return line after the last LED.  This will cause the fan to appear like it's fine in port 1, but if you connect another fan to port 2 it will be out.  If you did not try already, swap fans 1 + 4 for the RGB ports.  If 4 has a bad return, it will knock out 2-6.  If it does not, then it seems like a Lighting Node Core defect.  


I don't suppose you have an extra LNCore from the 140mm pack?

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