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Corsair K95 Platinum and Scimitar pro Poblems on iQUE V4 Windows 11

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Dear corsair/People,

I recently updated to windows 11 and my iQUE software v 3.30.97 was giving me lag and problems.

So i updated my software to the newest version v4.16.194 for windows 11 support, but now my G buttons on my keyboard wont work properly. To be specific Keystroke remaps just don't work at all. I have no idea why. I have tried resetting the board and even flash the firmware but nothing really helps. The remaps work fine on V3.30.97 but on windows 11 it has lag.  Help would be appreciated.


And with my scimitar RGB pro, the RGB on the side next to the buttons gives a White light and i cant turn it on or change colors. Works perfectly fine V3.30.97.

All the problems seems to be iQUE problems and don't know how to fix it.

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For the KB, go to the Windows Apps list and click on Corsair iCUE. Select “modify” and follow the prompts for a repair install. This will not erase profiles or settings and usually cleans up weird issues like non-responsive buttons or weird output from them. 

Unsure on the mouse and not sure what you’re describing. A specific LED is stuck on white?  If so that might be a candidate for a mouse reset or firmware flash as a device issue. 

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I am having the exact same issue with my K95 Platinum RGB Keyboard since about a week ago. All writing keys will not input, windows key, enter, F1-F12 all work but Q>M and 1>0, anything will give an input on screen just wont work. Reinstalled Icue, Forced an update on the keyboard, unplugged keyboard. The only thing that fixes it is a restart, It's gotta be something to do with the WIndows 11 OS.

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