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Strafe MK.3 suggestion/My dream keyboard


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Hey Corsair,


Hope this thread isnt way out of place, but i couldnt find a better place to post this.


Im looking for a new keyboard, but simply cant find what im looking for. Living in a nordic country, makes my wish/dream kind of hard to fulfill, since its not easy to find the correct keycaps.


Which got me thinking, that i might have a "cool" suggestion for a Strafe mk.3 keyboard.


1. Slipstream wireless

2. Capellix RGB (for the extra bling)

3. Pudding keycaps (again, for the extra bling)

4. Mechanical switches, preferably clicky switches

5. Nordic layout


I know you got a board, which almost fullfills the criteria, but its missing the pudding keycaps and mechanical switches.


Could you please make this happen, Corsair. I promise i be the first to buy it :)

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