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Vengeance PRO RAM Timings

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I cannot get decent help from MSI or Corsair Support so I am turning to these forums. I recently purchased 2 packs of these vengeance rgb sticks from Best Buy.

I cannot get these to the max speed of 2900MHZ no matter what I try with my MSI B460M-PRO VDH WIFI mainboard. I am on the mainboard's latest firmware as well


The most speed I can get is like 1400MHZ per CPU-Z


i'd love to know where in the BIOS to go to set this all up manually to at least get something approaching the 2.9GHZ CPU I have..

I've tried various Try It settings, tried XMP (it always fails overclock and I have to disable), tried various pre-programmed DRAM timings but nothing works. If I leave everything on auto, I get this speed.


Any help is appreciated. I am usually able to use my Google Degree but I have failed.. Full report from CPU-Z is attached


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Well it's DDR, so the clock is 1400MHz but the actual DDR frequency is double that, 2800.


What i'd do is to load bios default settings, to reset those memory timings, save/reboot.


Then go to Bios, and enable XMP. Now remember even if B460 chipset allows for XMP, it doesn't allow for overclock, that is, going beyond the CPU spec which is 2933.

So you should have something like XMP enabled (3200 profile), and there should be another drop down list where you can chose the applied frequency. There, drop down to 2933.


I am not familiar with MSI bios layout but that's more or less how it goes.

I suppose if you enable XMP and just reboot, it will fail because you try to apply 3200 and the chipset doesn't support it.

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Thanks for the information and insight LeDoyen!


Well it's DDR, so the clock is 1400MHz but the actual DDR frequency is double that, 2800.

If that's true, then I am hitting the max my chipset and CPU support and anything else is just trying to overclock?


Maybe that's why I keep getting overclock failure messages. Voltage settings wouldn't mean anything if 2933 is the max settings I can select in BIOS?


If XMP is stable, then 1600MHz is what CPU-Z would show, meaning the RAM is thus operating at it's advertised speed? I hope I understand that right and thanks again for the reply!

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the bios won't allow you to reach 1600. Only "Z" boards allow to overclock the memory past the CPU max of 2933 (like Z490).


So yea you shoud be able to go up to 1466 (2933 DDR)

Voltage won't matter. it should be at 1.35 volts like most i imagine, when you enable XMP.

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