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RGB fans not lighting up after installing iCUE


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Built pc in 2018, no issues with basic rgb cycling throughout devices.

Decided to install iCUE today to play with settings, it shut off all lighting on all (5) rgb fans.

Also the rgb strip on the spec omega case is also no longer working.

iCUE is not detecting the CORSAIR Link Lighting Node PRO + Lightning Node Core Hub RGB.

iCUE is only showing h150i water cooler and RAM.

iCUE is version 3.37.140

In device manager, I believe it is showing up as "Corsair virtual input device" but will not let me do anything with it.

I've attempted everything I could find on the official and user forums.

I've rewired everything, changed SATA cables, changed USB connections on the motherboard, disabled fast start in bios and windows setting, nothing has worked for me.

Looking for some more guidance, thank you.

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Not sure what changed but 3 of the 5 fans now work. I believe the 4th port on the LNC is bad though as I cannot get 4 or 5 to light up regardless of which fan is plugged in. Thanks for the help though! I do appreciate it :)
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