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Found 3 results

  1. Recently upgraded my pc to the corsair 220T rgb case with builtin rgb fans and lighting controller as well as adding 2 strips of corsair vengeance rgb ram 8gb 3200mhz. Before this upgrade i had no problems with iCue. Afterwards non stop trouble. Its really hard to describe, but imagine it like this: im gaming for a while (2 monitors, 1 has youtube or spotify on), and suddenly you hear the sound as if an usb disconnected, then my screen glitches for a second or two, all my devices arent recognized anymore and iCue detects them after 10 seconds. Which would not be a problem would it happen once, but it happens every 10 minutes or so, to the point it is getting annoying. No clue where it is coming from and if it has anything to do with the new fans or RAM, but never had this problem before. It happens only when in game and mostly around cutscenes. Seems like iCue thinks, f*** your cutscene, i dont want to work anymore. Anyone any clue or maybe has the same happening? I know it's iCues fault, because i tried shutting it off and playing without iCue on and that works fine and never have the glitchy screen anymore. Yes, i could keep iCue turned off but whats the point in having software to control my devices when its not working? Pc specs are on profile, devices i have on top of that (in iCue): Corsair iCue 220T RGB case (3 fans + lighting node core) Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro RAM Corsair Strafe RGB MX Silent Corsair Sabre RGB Corsair M800 Polaris RGB Corsair ST100 RGB I love their stuff, its amazing hardware, but the software is seriously pulling it down for me right now. TLDR: No error codes or nothing, just glitches out for a couple seconds and then starts refinding all my devices. Happens mostly in games
  2. Built pc in 2018, no issues with basic rgb cycling throughout devices. Decided to install iCUE today to play with settings, it shut off all lighting on all (5) rgb fans. Also the rgb strip on the spec omega case is also no longer working. iCUE is not detecting the CORSAIR Link Lighting Node PRO + Lightning Node Core Hub RGB. iCUE is only showing h150i water cooler and RAM. iCUE is version 3.37.140 In device manager, I believe it is showing up as "Corsair virtual input device" but will not let me do anything with it. I've attempted everything I could find on the official and user forums. I've rewired everything, changed SATA cables, changed USB connections on the motherboard, disabled fast start in bios and windows setting, nothing has worked for me. Looking for some more guidance, thank you.
  3. I just put together a PC with all new parts and the cooler is not being (and has never been) detected by iCUE. So far I have tried reinstalling iCUE, changing the motherboard USB header it was plugged into, plugging it into a rear I/O USB connection (which prompted a driver installation, only at that point), manually reinstalling the drivers, repairing iCUE, removing all other monitoring software, swapping back to a motherboard USB header, and restarting the computer between each of these steps. The cooler is recognized as a device in Windows since the drivers installed, I have no other RGB control software installed, and iCUE works fine with my RAM and keyboard. I've looked into a bunch of other threads but haven't found a solution, I hate to open up new threads on such a seemingly common problem- but I don't think my problem is one of the usual suspects. Hope you guys can help, thank you in advance, specs listed below. Windows 10 x64 Intel i7 10700K Gigabyte Z490 Vision G MSI Gaming RTX 2060 Super Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro DDR4-2666 Corsair H100i RGB Platinum SE Seagate FireCuda 510 SSD Intel 730 SSD Seagate Firecuda HDD Corsair RM850x iBUYPOWER Snowblind - S Corsair K75 RGB Logitech G600
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