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iCUE stops reading sensor data?


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I have been using iCUE for over a year and I have noticed in the past couple months that iCUE appears randomly to stop reading ALL sensor data.


When I view the Dashboard, where all the system metrics displayed, everything is flatlined.


This is seriously problematic because my CPU cooler fans are controlled through iCUE and when the temps rise and iCUE freezes, my fans to not accelerate as they should.


I have done plenty of reading on this already and have tried several different possible solutions but have had no success in correcting this issue.


Please help, I don't want my CPU to get cooked because of a software issue (if that's the case).





I have my PC specs listed on my profile, however, it does not mention that I am using the Commander Pro. I have 3 Corsair LL140 140 mm Fan and 3 Corsair RGB LED Light Strips connected to it.


Also, I am using the Corsair H115i PRO as my CPU cooler.


I have attached the system and info logs to this thread:


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