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Corsair CoPro/LC/QL Fans/iCue help!


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Hello everyone,


I am in need of some guidance with my RGB setup.


I have recently put together my latest build. The pc has 12 fans in it 7x QL 120m RGB, 2x 140m QL RGB, and 3x non-RGB fans that came stock with the Corsair h150i Pro with a push-pull setup on my radiator (the 3 non-RGB fans are not visible in the rear of the case as push configuration for the radiator.)


The current setup for the fans is:


3 QL 120 pull fans on radiator (powered by the h150i Pro) and 2 140m QL fans in the bottom of the case for intake - these are plugged into 1 Lighting Core.


3 QL 120 push fans on the top of the case and 1 120m QL RGB fan in the rear of the case for exhaust - these are plugged into the 2nd Lighting Core.


Both of these Lighting Cores are plugged into the USB inputs on the Commander Pro. On my motherboard, there are 2 USB headers - one for the Commander Pro and one for the h150i Pro. Aside from the 3 fans that are powered through the h150i Pro cooling block, the remaining 6 fans are powered by the Commander Pro. All fans are functioning as intended and can be RPM adjusted individually or even set custom curves through iCue.


However, my problem is with the RGB. The iCue software only sees one Lighting Core and thus I can only make lighting changes to 5 of the 9 fans. The fans that are on the Lighting Core that cannot be adjusted are displaying a default rainbow RGB (so the RGB is working - just can't be changed). I have tried my best to match the RGB pattern of the fans that I cannot change but the setting must be a default setting (maybe through Asus Aura) that Corsair does not have available in the iCue software. I would really like to adjust the lighting through BOTH Lighting Cores. The rainbow pattern is not what I was hoping for, I'd rather set things to a static or even a breathing color with a lot less variation. The end result is that I have a case LOADED with rainbow RGB that I don't really like on 9 fans and they aren't even running the same pattern or color change timings - 5 are running an iCue pattern and 4 are on some other completely different pattern.


I am including a picture for reference. As you can see from the image, the 3 "front" fans and the 2 bottom fans are on the same pattern. The 3 top fans and single rear fan are doing something entirely different. Would really like to make adjustments to the 2nd Lighting Core! Please help!


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Check on your motherboard that the commander pro plug is not offset upwards by one pin row.. it can happen with boards that have no socket guide.

Likewise on the commander pro USB sockets, check the node cores are not plugged off to one side. Often it's just that simple.


The lazy way out would be to get one RGB fan LED hub for the commander pro and get rid of the "non compliant" node core, and let the commander pro manage RGB :p


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