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Please tell me someone can help with this H150 PRO XT


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Last week I was privileged and lucky enough to go into Canada computers and purchase a new h150I Pro ( non XT ); once getting the product home and hooked up I noticed that there was what seem to be cracks on the actual pump housing; performance was not impacted but from an aesthetic standpoint, and from the standpoint of a “new product“ this was unacceptable.


After fighting with the store to return my defective “ but new” product , they informed me that they did not have another H150 I Pro. Only the H150I Pro XT Icue.


At this point in the interaction I’m pretty much done I tell her no problem pay the difference about $80 Canadian RuPaul’s and get in my car and go home.


Fast forward to two days ago when my new noctua PWM A 12 x 25 came in!


This at least in my mind is the final part for my new build! Ultra quiet radiator fans where I don’t lose out on performance; after connecting the fans the first time everything seems fine; fans followed the curve that was already set in ICUE.


I then decided that because the Noctua fans are quieter than the MAgLev fans thaT come with the AIO that I will go into ICue to change the fan curve. Fast forward to 48 hours later the fans are pinned at 100% I have tried switching the fans back to the original fans, no dice, I have tried using the motherboard Header to rule out if the fans were duds, they are not they work perfectly via motherboard Header!


I have done “ clean install” of Icue. And honestly at this point in time I don’t know what else to do I have obviously created a ticket with coarse hair and I’m waiting to hear a response but is anyone out there ran into this problem I cannot honestly think of anything else that would cause this. Obviously HW info 64 can mess around with IQ so I uninstalled and still no luck, HW info 64 also has Safety settings for aceatek/corsair branded coolers , and still nothing.


Next step? Rip out this ****ing AIO and replace it with a velocity EKWB? At least I won’t have any Icue bull**** slowly driving me mad.


Side note - Definitely a corsair fan, this particular builder has two MP 600s NvMes, a HX 1000 power supply and Ofcourse , this shotty controlled AIO. Usually one of the first brands I would recommend but after this battle I’m not so sure about that anymore any comments tips would be greatly appreciated at this point.


Thanks in advance guys

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Velocity? If you have the means to go custom loop, yea go ahead. It's fun to do and will perform better than any AIO anyway regardless of brands.

Corsair hardware is worth what it's worth, but iCUE has proven to be extremely efficient at making it all at best, painful to use, like a flaming thrash can in the office, windows closed...

Try to make it work anyway, maybe with the help in your other post it will.

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