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Dead pump. If it’s bad contact you’ll never catch it ramping up. It will jump instantly between 40 and 100C as the voltage goes from min to max. Any time you can watch the cpu temp build up 50…55..60..65.. …80 etc, that’s a zero or low flow state and the trapped liquid in the block is passing the heat back to the cpu. 

Which “H100i” model?  Older H100i v2/GTX models got their power from the fan header on the motherboard. Make sure it’s at 100%. It might not start with a 25% signal. Newer versions with SATA cannot be in this state unless there is no power. Check the SATA connection or try another. If still nothing, it’s an electrical issue and needs to go back. If you have an Elite Capellix, power down the pc and flip the PSU off. Disconnect the wide power cable on the side of the Commander Core. Reconnect with the white stripes aligned. PSU back on, power, fingers crossed. That connection can be finicky at times but there are also other vulnerabilities. 

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