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Spacebar Stabilizer Issue, NEED HELP!


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Ok, so i have the K95 platinum which to me is the most luxury item of my build. I love it.


I have a baby that is 11 months, and my wife put she to play with the keyboard... and she snapped the spacebar out of place. I figured nothing bad happened, and put it in place.


Now i realice that the spacebar is weird, and taking a closer look, the right stabilizer is stuck in the high position. I can manage to take it out (i mean, the inner part of a stabilizer). It seems to be fine, but i cant manage to put it back. It seems to me that the steel bar that is in the keyboard needs to go inside the hole that this "inner stabilizer part" has, but i cant manage to put it, nor to take out the outer part of the stabilizer. I searched in the internet for a video but nothing pops up. I cant imagine how it snapped off!


Can anyone give me a hand? I dont want to use too much force and break something, nor to open all the keyboard.

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