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Found 24 results

  1. So, since i restarted my PC earlier, my mouse has been getting detected by ICUE but isnt able to be changed colours. Using windows 10, latest ICUE and the mouse is in a 3.1 slot. Tried restarting and re plugging it, to no avail.
  2. So I have no idea why but my system has been workig perfectly until last month (RGB wise). My memory (Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16 GB) was not syncing with iCUE then I did a support ticket to basically uninstall and reinstall, which brought more problems. Essentially my HD 120 fans are not lighting up at all not even in boot up its just not lighting up, they work but no RGB, also it does not show up in iCUE. Since doing the whole uninstall reset thing my memory synced up with iCUE again but is delayed by a few seconds. The only thing working right is the case RGB strip embedded in the front (Corsair SPEC-OMEGA RGB ATX Mid Tower Case). Also the least of my concerns but would be nice to be fixed is that my motherboard RGB is not synced up either but, it can be synced with iCUE (Asus ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING). I know it is a lot but my whole iCUE is jacked up, I would appreciate any help. Thank You Update: An icue update has fixed my memory from lagging behind, so thats one check | Also got my fan RGB to work now thats all issues checked basically except for Mobo rgb not synced up
  3. Hello, for about 3 days now my Icue software has refused to recognize my corsair products and when ever I attempt to open up Icue software it immediately closes saying no device connected. I've uninstalled (and re-installed) many times with no help as well as trying to use the fix option on the installer. None of these have done anything, I've tried many different methods shown or talked about across this forum and on the web such as messing with control panel, device manager, making sure no game launcher is in the background, updating, unplugging and replugging. Nothing seems to work at all and I'm becoming very outraged at how many other people have also experienced something similar. But please if anyone has any solutions to this let me know. For details on how it started, my mouse was double clicking when I only clicked it once (which has happened many times) so I moved ports and tried to update the software on Icue I believe causing this catastrophe to occur. P.S I'm running windows 10 and only my mouse and keyboard are corsair branded
  4. Hello, Looking for some support on an intermittent issue I'm having with my iCue / lighting setup. My Setup: 1. Commander Pro 1 : 6 x LL140 Fans 2. Commander Pro 2 : 6 x LL120 Fans 3. Commander Pro 3 : 4 x LL120 Fans 4. Corsair LED Lighting PRO Expansion Kit 5. Asus X399 Zenith Extreme 6. GTX 1080Ti's in SLI 7. 8 x 16GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro Modules Additional Setup notes: - All lights are powered up and light up fine; I've set them all to run yellow in line with my EK yellow cryofuel watercooling. - I can see all items listed above inside iCue and can adjust all colours without issue with the exception of 1 x LL120 fan which only has 3 of it's LEDs lit up on the outer ring My Issue: - When I power down my machine and/ or restart (without turning off PSU from the back), when it reboots I lose visibility of one of the commander Pro's in iCue. - The LED Strips and 2 of the fans also change from Yellow to Rainbow wave when I restart in this manner. Im unable to change the colour on these items as the Commander Pro is no longer visible to iCue. - If I power down, turn off the PSU, then power back up it all works fine (with the exception of that one LL120). - Occasionally, maybe every 3 - 4 restarts - the fan that I mentioned earlier that fails to light up fully - lights up fully - with 3 of its LEDs in yellow and the rest in white but it is connected to the Commander Pro that I lose visibility of. - This issue did not happen when my Motherboard & Graphics cards were controlled by Asus Aura (pre-iCue Motherboard integration). Any ideas what could be the issue guys? Thanks in advance, Lord Bison
  5. As I have said in the title, I want to install a 360mm AIO cooler (H150i Pro XT) to the front of the 275R Airflow case. However, I'm worried that I have to remove the hard disk drive cage to fit it in, which really sucks for someone who has HDDs like me. Can anyone using this case tell me if this is true? If so, will the 465x fit a 360mm AIO without having to remove the HDD cage at all?
  6. I was using my keyboard and then it started turning on and off. I though this was a update so I stayed calm until it stayed off for about 5 minutes untill it started to turn on and off again. Then I panicked because I dont want to loose 200 dollars. Also I just noticed in ICUE there is a red triangle. What could I do to fix this problem. The keyboard is a k95 platinum rgb.
  7. Ok, so i have the K95 platinum which to me is the most luxury item of my build. I love it. I have a baby that is 11 months, and my wife put she to play with the keyboard... and she snapped the spacebar out of place. I figured nothing bad happened, and put it in place. Now i realice that the spacebar is weird, and taking a closer look, the right stabilizer is stuck in the high position. I can manage to take it out (i mean, the inner part of a stabilizer). It seems to be fine, but i cant manage to put it back. It seems to me that the steel bar that is in the keyboard needs to go inside the hole that this "inner stabilizer part" has, but i cant manage to put it, nor to take out the outer part of the stabilizer. I searched in the internet for a video but nothing pops up. I cant imagine how it snapped off! Can anyone give me a hand? I dont want to use too much force and break something, nor to open all the keyboard.
  8. Hello, Here i have a small List of issues if anyone could help! Thx Have this headset since release And have a problems starting after 1 month and till now i have more and more issues. But still in love with it. 1. Mic wont mute, I press the mute button and says "Mic Muted, Mic Unmuted" mic won't mute. 2. Random bzzz Sound after turning on and wont go away After I turn off and On 5-15 times. ( does anyone know why this happens ) 3. Audio Randomly Cuts off. 4. Headset will say " Charging " 2-6 Times after i plug it in to charge it obviously. And when disable voice prompts it still has the voice
  9. Hi all, First of all, apologies if this is in the wrong section. Anyway I am looking at building a new pc soon and im getting a little confused about how to connect all the rgb fans up (Even after looking at Zotty's guide). This is my current build plan (ignore the gpu.. not decided on 20 series or run older 980 till 30 series) https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Venrith/saved/Nck27P So I know the triple fan packs come with a lighting node pro. So I am thinking I need just 1 commander pro? or will I need a second? Im thinking of adding a couple of rgb strips too. Do I need any RGB fan led hubs too? Just a little confusing as my last build was pre rgb everything days lol and I would like to make sure I order everything I need. Thanks
  10. Sorry to be this guy but honestly have no idea what to do. All was working fine till last week and finally just had time to investigate. Ordered this PC through PC Specialist and haven't opened it or been inside it what so ever so not that confident if I do need to do this to help you guys. So I've been using the ICUE program which has been pretty standard, no problems there as i use the instant lighting and since I've had it, all 3 fans have worked fine and lighted up fully. To simulate what lights are actually displaying I've turned them on independently through ICUE so you guys can see I'm really not sure what to do here, the vengence ram sticks are working fine and do as they should. Just these parts of the fans that aren't working which im not too sure what to do about. Any help would be appreciated
  11. Hello there. I submit my ticket 6 days ago and I get a response 2 days after and since then nothing!!!! I need help because I need the product as soon as possible for my work. What is the normal time to wait for a respone? Bc is 4 work days now and rma still open
  12. Ok I need help. I have been building PCs since I was little. Over the summer (a couple months ago) I decided to upgrade one of my old ones using a mix of new and old parts. From my old PC I grabbed: CX750M power supply, case and a unopened GEFORCE GTX 970. Brand New I bought a: Ryzen 7 2700x, Gygabyte B450 pro, Some random corsair ddr4 16gb ram, and most importantly some corsair hd120 fans. Well I set it all up and it was beautiful, for two days or so until I the fans decided they didn't work anymore. Random lights would be on with random colors. So I contacted corsair and they sent me spairs Chapter 2: Well I got the spares and was super excited until I plugged them in and had the same issue. So let me go into detail on how I set these up. 1.) Mounted 2.) plugged fans into board and hub 3.) Plugged hub into sata. So to be clear I followed instruction word for word I read the pamphlet maybe a 100 times even tho it didn't say much. Fabulous they don't work. Contacted support again, set them pics of my set up they confirmed everything was textbook. Sent me a third pack... Chapter 3: BRUH Today I got the 3rd set, tested one fan, this way I didn't waste my time putting them in. It works, plugged in the other 2 in series, surprise... Doesn't work. Now right now they are just plugged into the hub and controller. So that means the only thing working in the system is the plug and play fans. Doesn't work so has nothing to do with my system. I then unplugged all 3 and tested them individually, none of them work. At this point I genuinely not sure what to do. Just emailed support. Frustrated though, so I'm on here if anyone has ideas how to make these work please help. If anyone thinks corsair should just give me a free pc definitely chime in. I've made every effort to make sure that nothing would interfere with the fans when I tested them in and they don't work so, either I'm missing something (I'm not) or they just made a lot of faulty fans. Either way gimme your thoughts Thanks N
  13. I recently ordered Hydro X Custom cooling for my new pc ive ordered and this is the Config code for it "8fYzTu" However i clicked add to cart and saw everything in the cart and doubble checked and i saw everything. But Now when ive got the stuff home i realise that everything isnt even on the packing list i got in the box with the items. For example I only received 1 480mm radiator and it only says 1 delivered. One of the 5 120mm fans Is missing Completelty as i only got 4 when it says 5 was delivered. im making this post as the support is under maintence and i need immideate help. And looking on the confirmation mail it says i didnt even order all the items. According to that i only ordered 1 480 mm radiator when i saw 2 in the cart when ordering.
  14. So I've owned the Glaive for almost 2 years now and it has worked fine. However, as soon as I tried to plug it into a different system it just doesn't work. It still works on the other system but on this one, the lights turn on and the mouse appears in device manager but it just wont work. The mouse doesn't appear in iCUE and the cursor won't appear. HELP.
  15. Pretty much every time I update the Corsair utility engine the forward/backward buttons on the side of my mouse stop working. I have had this issue before and it its really annoying me, can someone help?
  16. I was checking out the settings in Windows 10 and it said that I had a driver problem with one of my parts in my PC, so I troubleshoot and it said that my CPU cooler (H110i GT) is having a driver problem. Should I be worried, if so what should I do cause I've tried to do the troubleshoot but Windows couldn't fix it. I did uninstall the driver in device manager and it fixed it but when I restarted my PC to make sure, the problem came back up again. Then I went into the BIOS and it said my pump is at 0RPM CPU Temps Erro in Device Manager BIOS 0RPM
  17. http://https://youtu.be/8Zdb6gWUrucSo my corsair Strafe keyboards been playing up the led doesn't show the right color blues appear pink and the white led on the w key flickers pink and it's really bad I've tried resetting my keyboard but does nothing please help
  18. Please help here. My Scimitars remapped keys have stopped worked out of the blue and i cant get them to work again I've checked for a firmware update, still work works I've reset the Remapping, Still wont works if i switch to "Action" and not "remap" then I am able to get it to work but I would like to get my remapping to work again.
  19. If I connect corsair’s ml non led or rgb fans to the mobo pwm header with a spliter will it beable to be controled through iCUE?
  20. Hello, I'm trying to import this profile that I found that is useful for DayZ SA. Every time I go to import the profile my CUE crashes and then my keyboard goes dark. This is the Link to the thread that had the DayZ SA Profile: Link Attached is also the Zip file that has the profile in it. Any help on this would be great! This looks like a perfect profile for me. If anyone could help I would be greatly appreciated! I'm not sure if this profile needs to be redesigned or what, but I am open to ideas. I just don't know how to do it myself. Thanks! DayZ.zip DayZSpaceRemap.zip
  21. I have been having an issue with my mouse where the buttons Forward/backward and Sniper accuracy buttons stop working. They start working again if I repair the CUE but then they just stop working again after about 30 minutes or so. (I am using the CUE version 2.24.35). I would really appreciate if somebody could try to fix this issue for me or possible tell me a way that I could fix it myself. Thanks!
  22. Can someone help im trying to figure out if i can have this fans with the controler and Led RGB hub on a regular 4 pin motherboard. some says it works some says it dosent.
  23. I got this keyboard just two days ago and it has been making me tired and pissed of BIG TIME. The keyboard doesn't work AT ALL with Discord. If I'm in a voice channel in Discord the keyboard just stops working, the profile I have on will just stop working and freeze, at that point I can't do nothing with it including changing the brightness, CTRL+ALT+DELETE, nothing at all. As soon as I leave the voice channel it comes back to working but not including the lights, for that I have to re-plug it or change the BIOS mode. I've been having the same exact problem with Hearts of Iron 3 which I installed today to find out doesn't work with the keyboard.. I'm lucky there's a quit button when you launch so I can quit the game. BTW, yeah it goes back to working outside the game. The CUE has been a pain in the *** in general, at first I was having problems with importing profiles, it would freeze and require a restart to the application. It keeps saying it can't recognize my keyboard even though it works as I am typing with it right now. I know I must sound like a dick but I'm just so mad I got this keyboard to find it one of the most annoying things ever even with its lovely design.. Info: Windows 10 64 Bit 16GB Ram i5 4460 3.20 GHz Nvidia 750 Ti K70 LUX RGB (brand new) Razer Deathadder Elite (brand new) Steelseries Siberia 650
  24. Hey, I'm trying out the Link Profile to Program thing in CUE 2 but it's not working. Help is appreciated! (I'm trying to do it with Chrome btw)
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