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Corsair 500D SE cooling


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Hi guys,


I have just accomplished (after many videos and lots of advice) building my first gaming pc. I used the corsair 500D SE case as it fitted the bill perfectly the main thing was keeping it flashy but not too over the top and a reasonably small size as I don't have my own room for it at the moment so I have it in my front room. However, from my pc description you can see that I have an I9 9900K cooled by a H150i. This had to be front mounted to allow for the 360mm rad. This is obviously obstructing the intake of cold/cold air into my case and I find my GPU (gigabyte aorus RTX 2080TI) getting rather hot at approximately 74 degrees just gamigg. After reseaching it seems that card does operate rather warm touching 80 degrees at times from what I have read.


My question is to this if you that have a similar set up what is the best way you have found to get as much air flow through the case as possible?


I have played about a bit with the set up but at the moment I am running the three LL120 fans that come with the case in a push configuration through the rad and using 2 of the ML fans that come with the rad as exhaust fans. I did it this was as wanted the RGB fans on show on the front of the case and had read that it would make minimal difference running them compared to the ML that come with the rad. I am now thinking I may invest in a 3 pack of LL120 fans to use as exhaust fans on the top and rear and then using the standard ML 120 fans that come with the rad as a pull configuration on the back of the rad.


Thanks for any help and taking the time to read my long question I wanted to provide as much information as possible for you guys. Also some pictures of my first build let me know how I did try to be kind 😂





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