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Found 20 results

  1. Hello, i'm a little bit stuck with the fans, my question is can someone help me with create a diagram for it? I have 10 fans in total 3 in the front, 3 on the side, 3 above (for the radiator to my cooler) and 1 on the back, and as cpu cooler i have the corsair ICUE h150i elite hero. But as it is possible i want to put some led strips in my case
  2. I recently connected all of my fans to the Commander Core that came with my H100i Elite Capellix and none of my fan speeds are able to be controlled with iCue. I have 5 fans, 2 are not PWM so I don't expect those to be controlled however 2 of my fans are the RGB ML120s that came with the AIO and one is a SP120. The RGB ML120s lighting is able to be controlled and all fans are reporting rpms to iCue including the non PWM ones which inaccurately show 60k to 61k rpm. The RGB ML120s idle around 1200 rpm and do ramp up to about 2350 rpm under load with the SP120 one topping out at 2000 rpm no matter what fan setting I use. I have tried setting custom fan curves in iCue, removing all other monitoring software (HWinfo/CPU-ID) and checked that my BiOS is not controlling them. If anymore info is needed let me know.
  3. Hi everyone, This is my first post here and I'm looking for some help. Hopefully I can be as descriptive as possible! I've just set up a new configuration today using my H150i RGB pro XT AIO. It was originally mounted with 3 LL120s in the front of my Corsair 570x case with a push configuration only. Today I decided since I had the leftover ML120s to put them to use and mount them on the inside of my radiator/case to make a push/pull set up. However, as soon as I turned on the system, the three ML 120 Fans just spun at maximum speed (2400 RPM) incredibly loud. The 3 LL120s I have mounted on the front of the cooler were fine. I went into icue and the ML120s didn't show up. The 3 LLs in the front showed up. My bios also didn't show anything regarding the MLs but it showed the LLs as well. Is there any way to control and lower the speed of my ML120s so they are not spinning at max rpm 24/7? HW Monitor for some reason shows only 2/3 MLs I installed today, spinning at 2400-2500 RPM. (screenshot below, link #4) My MB (Asus Prime z390-a) has 6 fan headers. The ML120s I put in today are in the CPU_OPT, AIO_PUMP and W_PUMP+ headers. I have 3 more LL120s (total of 6) mounted on the top and rear of my case as well. The rear and top LL120s are in the CHA_FAN1, CHA_FAN2, M.2_FAN headers. Finally, the 3 LL120s on my AIO are plugged into the Fan splitter that came with the cooler. Any idea what could be wrong here? I apologize if the solution is obvious or if I sound ignorant/unclear, I've tried to troubleshoot to the best of my ability!! I have a feeling it has something to do with my fan pin header selection. If you need clarification, I will definitely try to do so Here are some screenshots of my set up if you are interested (if you hate RGB I apologize in advance): You can see the MLs on the inside, LLs on the outside https://ibb.co/FYMDq1G https://ibb.co/y48Gf0J https://ibb.co/3N9zh3Y https://ibb.co/pXQqDVH Any and all advice is always appreciated!
  4. TL;DR at what RPM does the QL120 move 20 CFM? The relationship does not seem linear, I don't think I can just say 766 RPM = 20 CFM. Anyone have test data of QL120 in open air? Fan Speed vs. CFM? I'm sure there is someone that has done this setup. I currently have ML120 in push pull and I'm about to mess this all up for aesthetics. https://i.imgur.com/pjNuEaZ.jpg https://i.imgur.com/MvJ1LuH.jpg My goal is to match the CFM of the ML120 through radiator with the QL120 open air. What I'm looking for is any test data for the QL120 in the open air. All I know is: 525 RPM = 13.7 CFM 1500 RPM = 41.8 CFM And I have data for the ML120 https://www.techpowerup.com/review/corsair-ml120-pro-rgb/5.html ML120 through radiator at 1750 RPM ≈ 40 CFM So under load my plan is to have the QL120 run at 1500 RPM and the ml120 at 1750 RPM, this should match the air flow at 40 CFM through the radiator and hopefully won't sound bad. But what about at idle? The ml120 at 750 RPM ≈ 20 CFM Any advice is appreciated!
  5. I have ordered all the parts for a new build and decided to add a lot of RGB. I decided to get everything Corsair and had a few questions about whether or not I will be able to sync all the fans in sequential order. I ordered the 570x case, 3 pack of the LL120 fans to replace the SP120's, an extra LL120 fan for exhaust, and I also got the H100i Platinum cooler. If I understood what I read correctly, you can not use two different models of fans on the same hub. The case comes with a node core and I will get another one along with a lighting node pro that comes with the 3pack of fans. I am planning on putting the AIO on the top of the case. So If I connect the fans from the AIO to a node core, and the 3 fans in the front and 1 in the back to another node core. After connecting both of those to the lighting node pro will I be able to sync the lights in sequence? The 4 LL120 fans will be connected 1-4 on the node core and the AIO would be 1-2. However the AIO will be in between the LL fan 3 and 4. 1. That being said I would like to know if there is a way to sync them on the iCUE software so the animations are in sequence? 2. Is this the easiest way to connect and sync everything without buying any other parts?
  6. I am contemplating buying the ML120 fans to replace the stock SP120L fans on my H80i v2 cooler for better cooling performance at lower noise levels, since I came to know about the great performance of ML series fans from various sources. But after checking the specs of both these fans in official products pages I doubt whether there will be any benefit to the cooling/noise as the ML fans have almost same specs as the SPL's. Below is a comparison of max specs of both set of fans. Stock SP120L specs:- 2435 rpm, 70.69 CFM, 4.65 mm-H2O @ 37.7 dBA ML120 specs:- 2400 rpm, 75 CFM, 4.2 mm-H2O @ 37 dBA From the above comparison it can be seen that -- SPL has +35 rpm over ML; ML has +4.31 CFM over SPL; SPL has +0.45 mm-H2O over ML; ML has -0.7 dBA over SPL From a pure specs perspective, ML has better CFM but SPL has better static pressure at almost same speeds and noise levels. But since specs may not necessarily translate into real-world performance so I am a bit confused whether the ML's are worth it to upgrade. I have searched but couldn't find any user/reviewer stats comparing the two sets' performance on the H80i v2 specifically. So I am seeking info and advice from any fan experts and those users who have the H80i v2 stock replaced with ML fans and tested the performance difference before/after such an upgrade.
  7. Hi guys, I have just accomplished (after many videos and lots of advice) building my first gaming pc. I used the corsair 500D SE case as it fitted the bill perfectly the main thing was keeping it flashy but not too over the top and a reasonably small size as I don't have my own room for it at the moment so I have it in my front room. However, from my pc description you can see that I have an I9 9900K cooled by a H150i. This had to be front mounted to allow for the 360mm rad. This is obviously obstructing the intake of cold/cold air into my case and I find my GPU (gigabyte aorus RTX 2080TI) getting rather hot at approximately 74 degrees just gamigg. After reseaching it seems that card does operate rather warm touching 80 degrees at times from what I have read. My question is to this if you that have a similar set up what is the best way you have found to get as much air flow through the case as possible? I have played about a bit with the set up but at the moment I am running the three LL120 fans that come with the case in a push configuration through the rad and using 2 of the ML fans that come with the rad as exhaust fans. I did it this was as wanted the RGB fans on show on the front of the case and had read that it would make minimal difference running them compared to the ML that come with the rad. I am now thinking I may invest in a 3 pack of LL120 fans to use as exhaust fans on the top and rear and then using the standard ML 120 fans that come with the rad as a pull configuration on the back of the rad. Thanks for any help and taking the time to read my long question I wanted to provide as much information as possible for you guys. Also some pictures of my first build let me know how I did try to be kind 😂 Nathan
  8. Hallo Zusammen, möchte mir meinen ersten eigenen PC zusammenbauen und habe eigentlich auch schon alles fertig. Habe nur noch zu der Kompatibilität eine Frage. Mein Gehäuse: Corsair iCue 465X RGB Dazu aktuell 1x LL120, Commander Pro und die Corsair Hydro Series H100i RGB Platinum SE v2. Damit hätte ich folgende Komponenten: 6x LL120 1x Commander Pro 1x Lighting Core 1x CPU-Kühler mit 240mm Radiator Wenn ich das System so belasse, muss ich folgendermaßen anschließen? 2xLL120 bei Radiator an Kühler 4xLL120 and Lighting Core Core und Kühler and Commander und Commander an MB? Kann ich damit dann alle 6 Lüfter synchronisieren, sowohl rgb als auch Drehzahl? Ich fände es auch schick ein H150i zu nehmen wegen der Größe. Dort sind allerdings ML120 dabei. Nun die letzten Fragen: Sind die ML120 mit meinem restlichen Setup kompatbel (synchrone RGB Steuerung und Lüfter-Drehzahl)? Falls ja, dann die drei Lüfter an der Kühler oder an den Core? Kann man irgendwo auch einfach nur den Radiator kaufen oder Lüfter und die LL120 seperat bestellen? Vielen Lieben Dank schonmal, habe hoffentlich den richtigen Thread gewählt und verständlich gefragt. Falls nicht, hagt einfach nach :) Grüße, Jonas
  9. So I recently bought a 465x who cames with 3 LL120 and i also bought a H100i who cames with 2 ML120, and to complete the 6 fans i brouth one more ML120 to the back part of the case have only MLs fans. So my question is, if i connect this only last ML120 with the other LL120 on the Lighting controler of the case i will be able to control his RGB or not? If the answer to this last question is no, can I connect this single ML fan to a Lighting Node Pro where will have a led stripe already connected
  10. Hello people! I recently installed the H100i Platinum with 2xML120 PRO RGB in my case, a very nice piece by the way. And... I fell into the RGB trap, I want to put it everywhere now. To begin with, I plan to buy at least 2 (or 3 if it work) more ML120 PRO RGB. The thing is, I'd like to plug them into the H100i directly with a Y splitter. For RGB cables I think I'll make them myself (Unless you have a magical item on amazon or something else), and plug them directly into the cooler. On the other hand, for the power cables, I have a doubt if it won't be too heavy to plug 2 or 3 more fans into the cooler. And if so, how to power them while keeping them adjustable via icue? I understand that in this case, the leds and rpm will be the same as fan 1 or 2 of the cooler, im okey with that. I've watched a lot of other posts here, some youtube videos, but never an identical scenario to mine. Thank you in advance for your comments, and for your expertise:)
  11. Hi all, I'm using a h100i pro aio to cool my 8700k on a msi z390 ace mobo. Currently I'm using the 2 fans comes with the aio connected to the PUMP_FAN1 header on the mobo, and wanted to add another 2 ML120 fans for a push/pull configuration. Should I use 2 PWM splitter (1 to 2) to connect the 4 fans before connecting aio fan connector? Or just 1 PWM splitter to connect the 2 new fans and plug into CPU_FAN1 header? Attached some paint job draw to better illustrate what I'm planning to do https://imgur.com/a/7nWPczy
  12. I'm going to be doing a new build soon. I've been debating whether or not I should go for the ML or LL fans (I'll be going with the black ones). I know that the ML fans will push more air and are also quieter, but is it much more significant than the LL fans? I love the look of the LL fans, but I also want to make sure my build doesn't get too hot. I will be doing an SFF build with this case. I'm able to put in four of the 120 fans. It'll also have the Nitro+ 5700 XT (once it releases) and a Ryzen 3700X. Would having an ML benefit more in this case, or would it be negligible in terms of performance compared with the LL?
  13. Hi there! Is there a way to have the RGB of a third ML120 fan synchronize with the other 2 fans from the H100i Platinum AIO CPU cooler? The Situation: I have a new setup in a Spec-Omega RGB case. I'm using an H100i Platinum cooler and have bought an addition HD120 fan and a ML120 fan. I am using iCUE to synch all the RGB The Plan: have three HD120 fans in the rear and top of the case on the same RGB channel have the two ML120 fans that come with the H100i cooler on the front of the case with a third additional fan below them all on the same channel The Problem: The case only comes with one hub and lightning node pro This means there is only one spare channel in iCUE for ALL the fans which aren't associated with a peripheral (the other channel is used by the spec omega's front LEDs) Having two types of fans on one channel means I have to set them ALL to HD120s in iCUE which makes the third ML120 look strange next to the two from the cooler. What's the most cost-efficient way to just get the front three fans to match each other? I don't really want to splurge on a commander pro. I was wondering if it was possible to get a splitter for the RGB channels of the H100i platinum fans and just slap the third ML120 into so it becomes part of the H100i RGB channel (almost like an H150i but with a shorter radiator). Or perhaps a hub can be used for them?
  14. Hello i bought a ML120 Pro fan. I connected it to my SystemFan2 pin, picked pwm mode in bios but it didn't spin. Isn't that possible? I connected the RGB Cable to my Lightning Node Pro that is connected to my JCORSAIR pin on my MSI Gaming Pro Carbon. It gets a color, but the color of the MSI Mystic Light Software. I would prefer to sync it with my other ML120 Pro fans of my H100i AIO Cooler over the iCue Software. But i cant find my single Fan there. Isn't that possible?
  15. Hello, I've recently just built my first computer and the 3 fans (ML 120mm) that came with my Corsair H150I PRO RGB cooler are making loud noises/vibrations even at low RPM. I'm not sure if I built the computer wrong or if it's a defective fan(s). My setup is as follows: Corsair h150i radiator side mounted to case (500D RGB SE). 3 fans ML 120mm that came with the cooler are attached to the front of the radiator with corsair logo showing at the front. 3 LL120 fans attached to other side of the radiator with corsair logo visible inside case. 3 fans ML 120mm fans connected to H150i pump 3 way splitter cable. H150i connected to CPU_FAN header with PWM mode enabled in motherboard bios. H150i usb port cable header connected to commander pro. Commander pro connected to usb header on motherboard. LL120 fans connected to rgb hub which the hub then connects to the commander pro. I apologise for the newbie wording. I'm new to the world of pc building
  16. So I have a H100v2 AIO cooler that had the original fans connected to its Y hub with 2 additional ML120s for case fans. I have the commander pro and rgb hub as the original 2 ML120s are working fine. I decided to add 2 more to my radiator, they are on and working but the RGB is not. I have the ML120s as radiator fans connected to the Y splitter where it covered the cpu. They are also connected to the commander pro, making sure I put the right ones in spots 3 and 4. The rgb is not working on these, does it have to do with being connected to the pump head? should I get another splitter and connect them directly to my mother board? what is the impact of not having the fans of the radiator connected directly to the pump Y splitter?
  17. Hello, as in the title I am looking to connect my 3 LL120s and 6 ML120s onto my PC. How would I be able to do this? There are 6 4 pin PWM connectors on my motherboard. 3 of the fans would be in a package, which includes the Node Pro and RGB LED Hub. Can I just get 2 3 way RGB splitters and connect those to the led hub, as well as 3 2 way PWM fan splitters and connect those to the motherboard’s PWM headers? Also, is it advisable to go for the Commander Pro in this scenario? Thanks
  18. So I want to run 3 x LL120's on the front of my case for mad rgb (push) and then mount a h100i Pro and its 2 ML120's (pull) behind the top 2 ll's. (e.g. *pull* <-- ml120 - Rad - ll120 <-- *push*) I have heard that the rpm and CFM difference can hurt the lesser LL120's so I was planning on capping the ML120's top rpm to the same top rpm as the LL120s to lessen the difference and therefore hopefully get their CFM's very similar through the whole rpm curve. Can anyone see any major problem with this? And I only have a 8600k which I have overclocked to 5Ghz on a Noctua NH-U12S so even just the 2 ll120's will be better then that I imagine as i'm not going for any huge numbers.
  19. Hello Corsair forums community! After careful soul-searching, I've decided on the 570x as the best case for my new gaming PC build. I wanted some advice about setting my case up with some extra fans. Right now I am only interested in the ML series, for their longevity and quiet performance, but I am currently confused about which model of ML to get, at what size, and how many. To start with, the ML RGB series is only rated for 400-1,600 RPM while the ML PRO solid LED models go up to 2,000. I called Corsair customer service to confirm this, and they actually claimed that even the RGB ML series can go up to 2,000, so if anyone who owns them can confirm or deny I'd appreciate it, as I've heard both sides from authoritative sources. I'm going for a solid red look on my 570x to match my internal parts, but I might end up changing my mind/mood one day, so a part of me is wondering if I should stick with solid red and get the PRO ML model, or leave my options open and get the RGB ML. Figuring out if the RGB ML is speed-capped would help with that decision. Another issue is that I'm trying to keep costs down, so I'd prefer not buying a Commander Pro if I can help it, and though I've read Zotty and DevBiker's guides on setting up RGB, I'm still not 100% on how either RGB or Red LED ML's will play with my SP120's hooking them up to the stock hub (this is my first PC build). I wanted to keep positive pressure on my case to avoid dust, so I was wondering how many of my fan slots I should fill if I plan on keeping my SP120's until they wear out. 1x120 exhaust 2x120 top intake? 3x120 exhaust? 1x120 + 2x140 exhaust? My graphics card is reported to run fairly hot, so any advice on this would be greatly appreciated! Really, probably any suggestions any of y'all have would be helpful and appreciated, I'm a novice at all this, but I'm also a quick study! And I've worked in a static-free circuit board plant, so I know how to treat parts right. Thanks for any help that can be offered, and I hope you all have a great day!
  20. I have a 570x case that comes with the sp120 rgb led hub and led controller. I bought the ML120 rgb 3 pack that comes with node pro and another led hub, and the commander pro. I installed the commander pro and ran all six rgb connectors to the led hub and used the supplied cable to connect to the copro. All fans work great, full control, but only rgb lights on the 3 ML120's work. I still have another hub and the lighting node pro. Do I have to run the SP120's to there own hub and back to copro?
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