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Issue syncing 2 different models of ICUE fans with new PC build


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I just finished setting up a new PC build for a friend where we installed the H100i ELITE LCD Display Liquid CPU Cooler with its three ML 120 rgb fans as well as three LL 120mm rgb fans. All of the fans were able to work both in terms of the fans spinning and rgb lighting. However, when using ICUE to sync up lighting effects the 3 ML 120 fans will acknowledge the changes but the LL 120 fans won't respond to my changes at all. 

I think this may have something to do with how I wired up the rgb and just wanted to see if my theory was correct. The way I wired the rgb, as well as power/control for the fans, was running all of the fans through the included rgb/fan hub that came with the H100i. It is similar to the ICUE Commander Core XT. I'm wondering if plugging all of the fans effectively into the same lighting channel was my error. 

If so, would plugging the three LL 120 fans into their included rgb lighting hub and lighting node pro and setting them to a different lighting channel resolve this issue? Thank you in advance!

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The Elite Capellix AIO units come with a Commander Core RGB & fan speed controller.  Both it and the Commander XT have independent RGB ports, so CUE should not have any issues creating basic effects across all fans with no user tweaking required.  All the other Corsair RGB controllers are serial and that makes combining mixed types more difficult if they don't have a common multiple for LEDs.


The fans that came with the AIO are ML-Elite (OEM).  These have 8 center mounted LEDs and are collectively referred to as "8 LED fan series along with the SP-Elite and SP-Pro models.  CUE should show these fans with 8 center LEDs in the UI.  The LL fans are 16 LEDs, with 12 on the ring and 4 in center.  Each LL should be displayed this way. 


Can you be more detailed about what is not working?  If you set a static layer to red and click the "all" button, every fan should be red.  However, the fans are physically different and selecting a ring based lighting effect may not work on the ML-Elite fans and something like Infinity is not a LL fan effect.  


Moving the LL to a separate controller is functional, but should be unnecessary.  Even if you want to run different lighting effect for each type of fan, it can be done by assigning the effects as 1-2-3 and the other as 4-5-6.  

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