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AIO Fans of H100i not detected?

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I bought a H100i, i installed it and already had vengeance rs ram so i already had the software, i am able to connect the pump but not the fans, everything is plugged in accordingly on the commander core (not showing up either)

FAN: port 1, 2

RGB: port 1, 2 (tried 2,3 and 3,4 and 4,5)

PUMP RGB: plugged in

THINGS I HAVE TRIED: reinstalling icue, manually setting up the fans, reinstalling icue again, moving ports, downloading other icue software

OTHER SOFTWARE I HAVE INSTALLED: logitech ghub, obinskit rgb keyboard software.



please help i want these fans lit up.

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If you are able to see the cooler in the iCUE software that would explain why you do not see the Commander Core. With the cooler plugged into the Commander Core it will show as the cooler only.

As for your fans would you mind opening your iCUE software, selecting your cooler from the device list, and then taking screenshots of the entire iCUE window while selecting the Lighting Setup tab on the left, and also of the Cooling tab.

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