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iCUE software/DPI config/profile management/button layout


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Greetings. I am frustrated. I can't figure out how to use the iCUE program, and I haven't found anything that helps.


I recently bought three Corsair products, my first introductions to the company, and a nostalgic interest, since I used to sail a lot. the K55 keyboard, because I wanted to play with macros on the far left column of the keyboard, keys G1-G6. An Ironclaw wireless/wired mouse, because of the button layout and that it's wireless, and I've found that it's likely my most comfortable mouse. I like that. the third is just one of the large mouse pads. Not the best quality, but I like it.


I have no idea what to make of the iCUE software used to configure the mouse and keyboard. The first thing that I noticed was that I cannot see what the mouse buttons are called until I begin to create an "action", and only when I'm in the process of assigning an action to a button.


Objective 1: I want to set the two buttons that are located on the top of the mouse, behind the scroll wheel, to cycle through mouse designated profiles, mainly so that I can cycle through different groups of DPI levels, since there are only three DPI levels on the mouse.


The "Profile up" and "Profile down" buttons on the mouse cycle through three different colored levels on the DPI indicator bars, regardless of how many profiles there are, but do not cycle through profiles. Attempts to bind the two buttons to cycle through profiles, which are their default, changes nothing.


Objective 2: I want to create a macro for the front button of the mouse located to the left of the main left click button. I want the macro to spam the "E" keyboard button while I hold that mouse button down.


When I make that macro and designate it to that button, it has a random effect, including the following:


-The button activates the "E" keyboard button once.

-The button chaotically spams the "E" keyboard button until I successfully close the iCUE program, even after I release the button. While it's chaotically spamming the button, whether in-game or out, Windows gives me the 'error' ping chaotically. I assume it does that because there are some macro activations that for whatever reason cannot be completed in some form or other.

-The button does absolutely nothing. It doesn't even revert to its original "DPI up" cycle, forcing me to never increase my DPI setting from whatever it is, including when I test the DPI cycle down to my lowest setting, therefore restricting me to a world of low AF DPI until I close the iCUE program and restart it.


I understand that there are options for the button to which I want to bind a macro to also activate the original/default action, but I don't have that box checked, nor have I tested it, because I don't want that to happen and I don't want to add more actions to an issue I still haven't solved.


Objective 3: I want the "Sniper" DPI action to work.


I bound the button located on the side of the mouse designated "Forward" to be a "Sniper" DPI clutch, but it doesn't do anything. Whether it's related to being on the same mouse profile or I don't have any other profile for it to call upon, or whether its option to be held or toggled is activated whichever way, it doesn't do anything.


I'm familiar with Razer's Synapse program. I have four of their mice, and I have no issue with it or the mice, or even Razer's $240 keyboard. But, I really want to get into Corsair's products, because I've only heard good things about their products. However, I haven't heard anything about the software, and I now wish I at least searched for a review of the iCUE program. Because it's not easy to get familiar with it. At least, for me. I'm that Rainbow Six; Siege player who gets frustrated with anyone, on either team, being toxic. I understand the moment of an unintentional team kill, and don't seek revenge. I apologize to the enemy player who I unintentionally wall-bang. I have patience. But this iCUE program is beyond frustrating for me.


I was successfully able to create a functioning macro to cycle through 2 profiles on the cheap K55 keyboard that I also purchased, binding on one profile the space bar to spam the space action while held, and on the other to type a series of Skyrim console command lines. The profile cycling bind doesn't seem to alter anything with the mouse, and I don't assume it would, but the answer to that question is going to be tested once I submit this post.


Any helpful information would be greatly appreciated. I've forgotten what else I wanted to do, because I've been focusing on explaining my main concern, that of labeled Objective 1, above. That's my main concern right now.

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1) You have two native profile switch up/down buttons on that mouse and they are right behind the scroll wheel. No further mapping is necessary. Each will send you one profile up or down on the iCUE profile menu list found on the left side of iCUE. The "DPI lights" will turn on during the profile shift to indicate you have shifted there as well. Each profile is capable of having its own distinct DPI settings, but you need to set that up within each profile. When iCUE is running the profile will shift through your software profiles. When iCUE is not running, it will shift through the three hardware profiles listed as Ironclaw Wireless RGB HW1-HW3.


2) Take the easy way out and go to Actions, + for a new one, Remap A-Z, and assign the letter e to the DPI up button on that section of the mouse. Now it will behave like a normal "e" key. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


3) This should also be a simple remap under the "mouse button" sub menu. Select sniper. Assign to the forward mouse key. You must hold it down to trigger the DPI shift.

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