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LL120 RGB fans light issues


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Hi everyone,


First of all it's a bit complicated, but I know for sure, you can understand it.


It's been a while since I'm struggling with my RGB fans, and soon I'm going nuts :confused::bigeyes::laughing:

All the parts are new, purchased recently or a couple of month ago.

All set up by myself, no issues until an iCue update.

Any of these issues, does Not effect my everyday work/gaming on my computer, it is just the visual effects. But that was the only reason I bought these parts. For the extra visual effects and that's the only thing which is not working:mad::confused:


The fan setup is the following:

6 LL120 white fans connected to the Commander pro and to an RGB fan hub.

iCue's newest version installed. Each SATA connected. USB to USB header to the motherboard.

No issues with the fan speed, just with the lighting.


Check the pictures I attached!


When I make a new profile in iCue. I create a lighting link with static colors set to a color(for example BLUE)


In this case, the back and the two top fans lighting up without any issues, but the front ones as you can see it on the picture(sorry for the quality)


Front top fan: Only the middle LEDs light up blue with an extra 1 LED on the outer ring, rest is rainbow.

Front middle fan: Turns to rainbow, but with a couple LEDs off;

Front bottom fan: Not lighting up at all.


Changing the lighting link color to white (picture)


Back fan and top fans white, no issues there.

Front top fan: Middle LEDs white rest is rainbow

Front middle fan: Stays rainbow with couple LEDs off.

Front bottom fan: Off



And here is the funny part!!


Turning on Instant lighting as Black,(but it does the same with other colors) Black should turn off all LEDs (Picture/Picture/Picture)


Back fan: Half of the LEDs stays ON in lighter white. Rest is Off

Top fans: First white, then both lights turn off

Front top fan: Off

Front middle fan: Half is ON, in white. 1 LED blinking PINK. Rest is off

Bottom fan: Off


Changing instant color to RED (Picture/Picture)


Back fan: Half red, half off

Top fans: Off

Front top fan: Off

Front middle: Brighter white with red middle section, rest is off

Bottom fan: Off


Changing instant color to WHITE, as it's set in lighting link.(Picture/Picture)


Back fan: White

Top fans: 1 LED Off, in the inner section, rest is White

Front top fan: All White, 2 LEDs Off, sometimes blinking PINK and 1 LED blinking LIGHT BLUE

Front middle: Darker White with 1 blinking PINK, rest is Off

Bottom fan: Off


After all this, I turned OFF Instant color. (Picture)


Back fan: White, 1 LED Off in the outer section.

Top fans: 1 LED Off in the inner section, rest is White

Front top fan: All White, 2 LEDs Off in the outer section

Front middle: Darker White, 1 blinking WHITE, rest is Off

Bottom fan: Off


From here, changing the Lighting link color or changing to any other option(Rainbow, Visor, Rain, etc.) only changing the middle section of the back, front top and the front middle fans color



I've tried all the possible ways with Commander PRO, 2 Node Pro, 2 RGB fan hubs. All cables looks ok, I tried with new cables as well

Installed/Uninstalled iCue a million times, as I already tried a clean install of the Windows 10, on a brand new SSD.

The problem still exist.



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You've noted the position in the case ... but where are they on the fan hub?

This sounds like a misbehaving fan.

What you need to understand is that the fans pass the signal from one to the next. An individual fan may light up not pass the proper signal down the chain.

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Fans connected in an order to the RGB fan hub:

1st: Back fan

2nd: Rear top fan

3rd: Top fan

4th: Front top fan

5th: Middle fan

6th: Bottom fan


I turned all the lights off now in the iCue. One active profile, but no Lighting Channel effects. 2 fans lighting is still on. 4th and 5th.

Is it normal? The keyboard, RAM, CPU cooler, and 1st-2nd-3rd fan lights turns off, but 4th and 5th fan lights still on. 6th working, but not in this order.

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Tried the fans separately. 3 fans definitely bad. Only the half of the LEDs light up.

1 fan looks alright. No blinking LEDs. Changing the color as it should.

I deleted icue and 2 fans were still on, but just a couple of LEDs. Pink and blue.

I can't beleive it. Tried it so many ways now. 3 rgb fan hub. Commander pro.

These are not cheap fans, these should work without any issues...

Something is wrong with the computer, PSU?

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Corsair sometimes needs a specific LED-Order.

Try Front, top to bottom, on 1-2-3, then the one in the back as 4 and left to right in top as 5 and 6.


Thats all I can think of right now, so please tell me if it worked.


Good luck,


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