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Corsair Void RGB Wireless not functioning when connected


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I have had my Void RGB wireless for a few months now and I absolutely love it. Although it functions properly when I use it wireless, I get no audio when I connect it and try to use it while charging. This happens both on my PC and in my laptop (both running Windows 10).


The issue persists regardless of whether I have the USB receiver plugged in or not when I connect the headset. The headset is only recognized by Windows when its used wireless.

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So first if you don't have the wireless receiver plugged in the headset won't connect to the computer even if connected via the USB cable as the USB cable is only a charging cable for the headset and will not transfer data from the computer to the headset.


As for when the wireless adapter is plugged in go ahead and try a few things.



Press and hold the mute button for 30 seconds.

Release the mute button and wait 15 seconds.

Power the headset on and test it to see if it works now while charging with the dongle.


If that doesn't work go ahead and do a firmware update to the headset through the iCUE software. If it is already on the latest version do the Force Update option.

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