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Corsair VOID Pro Wired Headset - Extremely low volume

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I used my VOID Pro Headset once where it worked as expected - plug and play via the USB dongle. Mic worked fine, sound was great.


Since that first use in early November, I have had nothing but problems with hearing things over the headset. The mic works fine, but I can barely hear any system test sounds or voice prompts even with all volume settings in Windows 10 maxed out.


I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the headset several times, and it seems like about once in every seven or eight attempts, I get moderately better sound. I can hear conversations with the volumes maxed, and the headset is useable. But it's still not loud. After use and unplugging it, the low volume persists when I go to plug it back in to use it next.


So far I have tried:


  • Uninstalling and reinstalling iCUE
  • Connecting the USB dongle to three different USB ports (1 front panel, 2 rear panel)
  • Updating the Realtek HDAudio driver
  • Uninstalling and completely deleting the Realtek HDAudio drivers, using default MS drivers instead
  • Uninstalling iCUE 3.9.93 and installing an older version 3.6.109


The next step I was thinking of trying was simply connecting the headset to my PC via the 3.5 mm jack with a jack splitter to use the speaker and mic connections (although I'm not sure which input to use with external speakers already connected to my PC). But I honestly have no idea whether I should expect a difference with a 3.5 mm connection vs the USB dongle connection.


I'm at a loss as to what to try next. So I come to you humble and on my knees, begging for new suggestions or troubleshooting to fix this. I love the headset and the mic is much better than past (cheaper) headsets I've used. Is it possible I simply got a dud headset? It seems very unlikely to me, but honestly I'm not quite sure what else to try short of attempting a return/replace through the retailer.


Any troubleshooting tips or suggestions are tremendously appreciated.

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Up off your knees, pawpaw72546, we've things to solve! Really though, can you test the headset on another computer? That'll let us know if it's the headset itself or if it's something on the system that's causing the low volume.


Thanks! So I tried it on a roommate's laptop - an older model with Windows 7 Home Premium still installed. The low volume still persists in this OS environment. The driver it's using in Windows 7 is 6.1.7600.16385 dated 7/13/2009. I turned off the "Allow applications to take exclusive control..." option, I disabled all enhancements. I maxed out the volume control for the Void Pro headset. And I can still barely hear anything upon testing it. Just the faint hint of the test chimes.


This doesn't seem like it bodes well for my headset.

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If the above is too much for you - just do the following:

Go to Settings


---verify master volume is up where you want it


then look down the list under "Related Settings" and goto: 

Sound Control Panel

-- this brings up the list of playback devices - click to select on Headset Earphone or device for your setup

----then click Properties in the bottom right corner


this opens device properties windows - you can also get here from device manager properties

look at the tabs on top - be sure Volume is up on "Levels" and then select "Enhancements"

--- Try "Disable all enhancements" and click APPLY while listing to some music or hulu or netflix or something playing... 

------ for me I disabled all, then I enabled Loudness Equalization and it boosted output volume significantly.


I, like many of you, have had great experience with Void Pro wireless and love the fidelity and quality of sound but something in the last few years screwed with signal volume level output... this seems to be a fast and easy way to get the volume back.


Hope that helps someone. Doubled my sound almost.





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