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Buying Keycaps From Corsair Website...Will Layout Be Correct?


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Hi everyone,


Just a quick question for anyone that has purchased keycaps off Corsair’s UK website before - Did you receive a UK set with the large ‘enter’ key etc?? The photo on the product page shows the US layout.


I'm looking to buy the Classic K70 set as I perfer the font for my K70 MK2..I presume they would fit all Corsair keyboards, new and old?


Here's the link:




I sent a message to Corsair asking if they could clarify, but it’s been a week with no reply, so I thought I would try on here.


Thanks in advance! :biggrin:

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As of right now, unfortunately, I believe our webstore only has NA layouts for our keycaps.


Hi, thanks for replying.


Sadly, I went ahead and purchased, and you're right. They were delievered today from the Netherlands to the UK and were indeed the US layout...which kinda doesn't make sense.


Oh well....I guess I just presumed they would be UK as they were sold in '£'... just wish it had been clear on the website.


I'm not sure where I stand with returns etc..


Thanks anway....just trying to decide what to do!

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in know the PBT Double shot sets come with the uk keys you need but i think the font would still be wrong for you.






Hi, thanks for the reply!


I did see those, but again, the font was a little large. I don't game on my PC but like mechanical keyabords because I'm a writer. I have always loved the keyspacing of Corsair keyboards (other brands make me have claw hands just trying to type...maybe I just have long fingers!), but I have always preferred the smaller font on the old K70..


Hopefully Corsair will come up with some alternative font keycap combos in the future. Something for everyone :D:


Thanks again for the suggestion though!

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