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Changing Hardware Level Scan Codes


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I have a Corsair K95. I use a DVORAK Keyboard layout. Currently I do this through the Windows language settings, but I've noticed in CUE there is a "Current Layout" dropdown option, which for me lists options of US North America, Chinese, and Taiwan.


I've also talked to a third party keyboard selling company and they've told me that they would have the ability to flash the DVORAK layout into one of their programming layers for one of their keyboards. I'll be the first to admit their keyboard doesn't look anywhere near as good as the K95, and what they said also got me thinking. Is there a way, via firmware update, or somehow from that options menu to change the keycodes that my keyboard is sending at the hardware level (or at least at the keyboard level)? The K95 isn't exactly just another dumb keyboard. I'm pretty sure there's an ARM processor in this thing.


So does anyone know if it's possible? Can I manually select or flash a bios with a custom layout onto the keyboard? I would really love this, as I have two Corsair keyboards both currently faking a DVORAK layout which gets annoying when you end up in the PC's bios or something.

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