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Found 9 results

  1. Hello Corsair experts! I'm just starting a new build which will be my biggest ever so far based around the new AMD 7000 CPU and GPUs. It will have full custom loop water cooling and my main aim is for silent running rather than max overclock. I just got my new 7000D Airflow (Only ever use Corsair cases) and now trying to figure out what radiators to get. I will go a bit overkill (before anyone mentions it 😉 ) And thinking 3 rads, front, top and side where the side mounted one will be slim and passive (no fans). For front and top I'm planning on 45mm thick ones and all will be push oriented (in front out top). Now I wonder what sizes I can get away with for this setup and still be able to run tubing. It looks like I can get away with a slim passive 360/480 mounted to the side without interfering with windows offset top and side rads regardless of thickness (only the tubing might be an issue?). What about mixing front and top with 45mm RADs? Will 360 top and 480 front work, or will I be limite to 2 360's (planning to keep all ports on top). For the side mounted rad I'm guessing the ports will be the main issue and maybe a centered slim 360 might sort that? Please share your experiences and thoughts. (pictures if you have them). TIA and best Wishes Thomas
  2. Ich möchte gerne Makros erstellen. Seit dem Update auf iCue 4 geht das nicht mehr. Die Tastatureingabe (in iCue) sowie die virtuelle Tastatur (in iCue) zeigen das US/QUERTY-Layout an. Die Software ist auf Deutsch gestellt, das Layout auch (in den Geräteeinstellungen -> Layout). - In Windows sind keine weiteren Layouts installiert. - iCue up-to-date - Firmware up-to-date Es funktioniert im ganzen System. Nur die Makros nicht, da sie das Englische Äquivalent senden. Und ehrlich gesagt, das ist der einzige Grund (neben dem Alu-Finish) warum ich diese Tastatur gekauft habe. Einstellen der entsprechenden Englischen Taste als Send-Befehl (ich brauche das '+' Zeichen) funktioniert nicht, da mein Shift-Modifier nicht erkannt wird und somit nur das '=' gesendet wird. Auch auf der virtuellen Tastatur kann ich keine andere Sprache/Layout auswählen, da passiert einfach gar nichts. Neuinstallieren der Software hat nichts gebracht. Was mach ich jetzt? PS: Das erzeugen von Makros ist inzwischen extrem aufwendig, ein paar Sachen wurden (echt) verbessert, das meiste aber nur verschlimmbessert.
  3. Hi all! I recently bought a K83 Wireless keyboard to use instead of the MacBook Pro keyboard and trackpad. I bought it because it a) had both a trackpad and a keyboard b) could connect via BT. Everything else was a bonus. But... When connected just through BT, iCUE won't recognize my keyboard at all. The trackpad and the keyboard work, though. But the keyboard layout isn't quite recognized with the nordic layout with the [<] key to the right of the left [shift], and the ['] above the [tab] key. If I add the Corsair dongle to my MacBook Pro, iCUE recognizes my keyboard, and I can presumably change the settings, remap key assignments and so on. But no... The changes doesn't work! Also, the layout is still wrong. Now... If I connect my K83 Wireless(!) keyboard to my MacBook Pro using a USB cable, all the bells and whistles seem to work. Even the keyboard layout is as expected with [<] to the right of my left [shift] and the ['] above my [tab] key. So my big question is: How can I keep my keyboard layout and drop the USB cable?
  4. I created a Template in PAINT.net to Custom Create Images of Program Lighting Profiles with Per Key assignments for different programs. I hope somebody finds it useful. I won't take the time here to teach how to use paint.net... but: Create a New Layer (Layers Panel on Right in Screenshot) for the Program you want a light profile for Select the Layer Color that you want (e.g. Green, Yellow, etc) Using CTRL + Click / Drag, select every key of that color CTRL+C (copy) > Click the New Layer you Created > CTRL+V (paste) Keep doing that until you have all the keys done. Then File > Save As (.jpg, .png, etc) Enjoy! Download The PAINT.net TEMPLATE HERE https://www.identity-intelligence.org/content/RGB-Keyboard-Key-Map-Diagram-Template-00.png https://www.identity-intelligence.org/content/RGB-Keyboard-Key-Map-Diagram-Template-01.png https://www.identity-intelligence.org/content/RGB-Keyboard-Key-Map-Diagram-Template-02.png
  5. Hallo, ich möchte mir gerne zum Programmieren eine K70 LUX mit englischem Layout Kaufen, aber keiner der Händler die auf der Corsair Webseite angegeben sind hat sie im englischen Layout. Gibt es da irgendwelche Händler in Österreich, Deutschland oder der EU wo man die mit US Layout kaufen kann? mfg
  6. Hello Corsair Team, actual the K70 RGB MK.2 SE is only selled with US Layout. Is it anounced or in plan to sell the K70 RGB MK.2 SE also in other layouts? I heared a lot of voices, that they waiti for other layouts, me too. A DE Layout would be nice, cause the Special Edtion would look awesome in my white/ black setup. And one more question. Since it is a Special Edtion, could you say it is good available or it will be soon out of stock? Greetings monkey
  7. Hey ! Quick question : I would like to purchase the K95 keyboard but even though the title specifies "FR" all the images are in QWERTY. I need an AZERTY layout but its unspecified what I will get. Does anyone knows how to choose a specific layout ? Thanks !
  8. I have a Corsair K95. I use a DVORAK Keyboard layout. Currently I do this through the Windows language settings, but I've noticed in CUE there is a "Current Layout" dropdown option, which for me lists options of US North America, Chinese, and Taiwan. I've also talked to a third party keyboard selling company and they've told me that they would have the ability to flash the DVORAK layout into one of their programming layers for one of their keyboards. I'll be the first to admit their keyboard doesn't look anywhere near as good as the K95, and what they said also got me thinking. Is there a way, via firmware update, or somehow from that options menu to change the keycodes that my keyboard is sending at the hardware level (or at least at the keyboard level)? The K95 isn't exactly just another dumb keyboard. I'm pretty sure there's an ARM processor in this thing. So does anyone know if it's possible? Can I manually select or flash a bios with a custom layout onto the keyboard? I would really love this, as I have two Corsair keyboards both currently faking a DVORAK layout which gets annoying when you end up in the PC's bios or something.
  9. I want to purchase the white PBT keycaps for my Strafe RGB, but they are only available in the US/UK QWERTY layout, and I can't use that. Will they ever be available in other layouts, especially German QWERTZ?
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