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[Vengeance (CH-9000067-IT) MX Brown] Many switches doesn't works anymore correctly.

Bryan Fury

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I bought the keyboard on october 2015 and up until today was working fine. I just found out that the keyboard started to freak out for no reason.


I have MANY switches that doesn't work anymore. They start to press automatically or don't work at all. Sometimes it happens that the ALT key get on and off repeatly... the right shift doesn't seems to accept the pressure, some letters get to automatically type in for no reason like there is a ghost... and so on...


I tried out to switch with the other bios i have (it seems i can use 4 different bioses) but it is definitelly not a bios issue.. it is a switch one...


What can i do? The support website is a mess, it seems to be all chinese/korean/japanese whatever and i don't understand a single dime (where is gone the old website?????)


I need to know if i can RMA the keyboard because i'm really angry... a keyboard that i paid 150€ after 4 years is broken for no reason...

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Hi Bryan Fury, unfortunately, the keyboard would only have a 2 year warranty and support won't be able to RMA it. Sorry for the trouble.

What about the website support issue? Just in case i have any kind of issues with my others Corsair products, how the heck i'm going to send a RMA request? The website is completelly in Chinese/Japanese/Korean whatever language is it...


Where is gone the website support i was ever using (https://corsair.secure.force.com)?



Anyway, i was able to fix it somehow... the first 2 bioses was the issue... now i'm using the 3rd one and all works... i think i have to find a way to restore the 2 damaged bioses somehow..

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