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How to wire a H100i GTX and commander pro


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Good day,


I am currently running a H100i GTX with 2 ML120 fans. I just bought a commander pro controller. My question is how would I connect it. Do I leave the cooler like it's currently plugged into the CPU fan header for pump and fan power and then just move the link usb cable from the motherboard USB hub to the hub on the commander pro? (IMO this is the way I should go). Or do I also plug the fans on the cooler into the fan channels on the commander pro and then leave the 3 pin plug from the cooler on the CPU fan header to keep providing power to the pump?


Assistance would be much appreciated.

Thank you

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While you can use the CoPro for fan control for the cooler, I would advise against it. If you do this, the CoPro will only be able to control the fans when Link is running. Leaving the fans connected to the cooler allows the cooler to control the fans via hardware ... so no Link required.

In short ... the way that you were thinking.

A note on the CoPro ... it does support hardware based control of fans but only when the temperature source is from one of the Commander Pro's temperature sensors. Something to keep in mind when setting everything up.

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