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Found 6 results

  1. I have a i76700k cooled by a H100i GTX (at the top of a CM Storm Stryker) Starting a few weeks back, I have notice that some days the idle temp are quite high This cause high temps going to 100C after 2 min of Aida64, with throttling around 15% Some other days, without changing anything, idle are back to 30C and I can run Aida64 for 20min with max temps around 80C So I'm wondering if I should look a thermal compound, since I'm using Corsair pre applied one since day one, in Feb 2015 Or is my H100iGTX dying ? Thx
  2. Hi I have replace the stock fan of my H100i GTX with some ML120 (the value pack Corsair CO-9050039-WW ML Series) Much better, as case doesn't go into tumbler mode anymore at full speed but not silent either. As anyone tried using Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM with the H100iGTX ? They seem very good (even come with a full frame rubber seal for watercooling heatsink), but after some digging in these forums, it seems that you cannot plug any fan into the H100i or you may toast it (ie CM JetFlo). So I thought it would be better to ask here before spending £54 and be sorry that my cooler is fried
  3. Good day, I need some advice. I recently bought a 2nd hand Core i7 4770k and now I am dialing in the overclock. Currently I have it sitting at 4.2Ghz at 1.25V on the core and the CPU is cooled by a H100i GTX with 2 ML120 fans. I did a 30min stress test using Intel Extreme Tuning Utility. The results were are follows: Test 1 (30min) CPU package temp: 83ºC Cooler liquid temp: 44.1ºC Pump speed: 1920RPM (Quiet mode) Fan speed: 1440RPM (Custom curve) Test 2 (30min) CPU package temp: 79ºC Cooler liquid temp: 42ºC Pump speed: 3150RPM (Performance mode) Fan speed: 1260RPM (Custom curve) The peak CPU package temp may only be 4ºC lower but the average temps across all cores dropped by about 8-10ºC when running the pump in performance mode. I knew there would be a difference, but I would like to know if this is in line with what other users also experienced? Note: I bought the cooler in April of 2015, so it's almost 3years old.
  4. Hi, I have a H100iGTX cooling a lightly overclocked i7 4790k (4.6 gHz, no overvolting). Recently I've been noticing temperatures are increasingly high under normal usage - I've dusted out my computer with no real effect. To contextualise 'high', if I run the Intel Extreme Tuning stress test we hit 90 degrees within 30 seconds, and intermittent thermal throttling within a couple of minutes. Coolant temperature will quickly hit about 48 degrees. I'm using some expensive aftermarket noctua fans on the heatsink instead of the Corsair ones (ones designed for static pressure), and with them set to 100% and the pump set to high performance the temperatures are as described above. Pump speed is particularly crucial - if I set the pump to performance things get a lot hotter a lot quicker. I was going to swap back to stock fans as a last resort, but I've noticed that when I stress test the temperature of the radiator is massively uneven. It's fairly cool everwhere but the part of the grille near the pipe entry points, where it's very warm to the touch. Even when the system is idling the temperature differential can still be felt. Is this indicative of some kind of blockage in the radiator? Is a support ticket in order?
  5. Good day, I am currently running a H100i GTX with 2 ML120 fans. I just bought a commander pro controller. My question is how would I connect it. Do I leave the cooler like it's currently plugged into the CPU fan header for pump and fan power and then just move the link usb cable from the motherboard USB hub to the hub on the commander pro? (IMO this is the way I should go). Or do I also plug the fans on the cooler into the fan channels on the commander pro and then leave the 3 pin plug from the cooler on the CPU fan header to keep providing power to the pump? Assistance would be much appreciated. Thank you
  6. Hi i cleaned my computer Yesterday i remove all the parts and replaced my thermal paste on my cooling , i noticed that my CPU temp is so high with 20-30LOAD upon start up . I didnt open any application or games but i got several running application on my background (refer to the photo below) . I need some help since my temp before is 45-50 after startup my room temp is 30-40 since i live on asia and my place is kinda hot . hope someone can help me . Btw One pump of my h100i gtx is warm and one is cold the rad is warm also . thankyou. http://imgur.com/a/orQkc My specs are : i7-4790k H100i GTX S340 Elite Gtx 1080 VS650 16GB of ram
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