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This post is directed at Corsair for feedback on customer service since your phone surveys are pretty weak.


I've noticed a pattern in the phone calls to CS in the last week or so. What I've noticed is that when the rep is unable to resolve an issue they do a very good job of making you feel as though the issue will still be looked into and addressed. This leaves me feeling well-taken care of and provokes me to leave a good review on those phone surveys. However, I have yet to receive any of the follow ups I have been promised from those calls. It would appear these promises are intentional to receive good marks from customers, knowing that after the call is over whether they follow up or not will not affect the survey initially completed.


I would suggest that when a CS reps needs to follow up, you leave the customer with an open ticket and a survey to complete when the issue has actually been resolved instead of after every call. Otherwise I feel compelled to let my fellow corsair customers know that they should be marking 1/5 on the question of whether the issue was handled properly until the issue actually gets resolved. Otherwise, good marks go to rep, but the customer doesnt get their questions answered.


Thanks! And I look forward to receiving my Corsair One Pro!

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