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  1. Hi Torkelo, Can you send me your support ticket number? Let me see whats the status on your ticket.
  2. CORSAIR ONE cooling system is monitored and maintained by C-Link. Link needs to be running for this system. So it can't be disabled. Can you give me some information on what your monitor set up is? This way we can try to replicate your issue.
  3. Can't say, as the build is still in our developers' hands.
  4. We may have a build to release to the public on March 9th That is if it passes our QA testing.
  5. We can offer to repair your unit by replacing the PSU, and trouble shoot your random shut downs. This way you can still retain your files. Can you send me your support ticket #?
  6. That is ultimately up to you, some users give the system as hand me downs to others. Others repurpose it into general work stations. HTPC probably. I'm waiting for people to start reusing the chassis or modify their unit once warranty period is over. :D
  7. Glad to hear you've been processed through for a replacement. Keep us posted on your unit. We'd be happy to assist. :)
  8. Hi Jeremy2, Allow me to clarify, you can replace your GPU in these units should you desire. However, we do not cover the replacement card under our warranty in fact it would void your systems warranty. Generally a standard reference style cooler GPU should fit. Do keep in mind the temps from the new card can induce additional heat. You would also need to remove the radiator and liquid cooler attached with the stock card. *Update* In accordance to CORSAIR Dustin, we legally can not advise this due to safety hazards. We have taken feedback on this will be noted heavily in the future.
  9. As I mentioned earlier I can't really comment on future/upcoming products. Use your best judgement ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  10. We'll continue looking for a fix for this issue. Not all units are affected by this, my test unit can set monitor to sleep.
  11. We've hand carried units to shows last year as a "carry on". They will inspect but we didn't have too much of an issue.
  12. Hi SouthseaCaptain Glad to hear your unit is functioning well :) Do take note that your unit is indeed part of the affected batch for PCI-E cable replacement. If you are uncomfortable with your system as is or encounter any issues down the line, please file a support ticket at support.corsair.com PM me your ticket number and I will get you taken care of.
  13. We're evaluating the best option to not hinder performance but it is taking awhile for this :/
  14. Thank You liv3mind! Your feedback is much appreciated! Congratz on your brand new CORSAIR ONE Ti! We hope you enjoy it! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions and we'll be happy to assist you :)
  15. Unfortunate to hear, have you set up a support ticket in our system yet? Try clearing the CMOS if that resolves any of the issues.
  16. I jinxed it, my bad. Please set up a support ticket and we will work to get you a replacement. PM me your support ticket number
  17. Can you PM your support ticket #. I'll have a service rep follow up with you. As for your issue, have you tested your connectivity with ethernet?
  18. Congratz on picking up a CORSAIR ONE TI. Ti models shouldn't be affected but I can run the lot code for you if there is anything. In case of any issue we will take care of you. :)
  19. For post warranty upgrades, you can drop a standard reference sized GPU card in there. For higher wattage cards like a 1080 ti, you can replace the SF400W in the standard C1 Pro to a retail SF600. However, the temperature and noise tolerance will be different since they weren't spec'd for CORSAIR ONE.
  20. We are still currently testing BIOS revisions with the current ongoing issues. Once I receive a drop, me or another representative will inform you here. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  21. It was a limited run SKU we offered on launch. We find that systems with large SSDs tend not to move in high volumes. Again we are taking in customer feedback for future revisions.
  22. Hi Paul1978, We are terribly sorry that you are experience these issues with your CORSAIR ONE Unit. We would be more than willing to help resolve your unit's problem should you decide to send your unit in through our RMA service. You can set up a support ticket here: https://support.corsair.com/ Once you have your support ticket #, PM me and I will have a rep take care of you.
  23. Hi niwa565, You should have an additional SSD caddy in your system. Each CORSAIR ONE should come with 2x SSD caddies. One behind the front panel side of the system and one at the bottom of the case.
  24. 32GB is the max config we offer. LPX DRAM modules is recommended due to height clearance from the CPU radiator.
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