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Screen Lock - and customer service


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Hi everyone,


After a decade with a Mac, I'm returning to Windows. I've got everything set up, and working perfectly, apart from my Corsair keyboard.


It's a K30, and for some reason, the Windows lock key doesn't work. Neither do any of the numbers on the keypad.


I've tried to contact Corsair directly about this so I went onto Corsair's website. I'm in England, and they have an 0800 number. I called it - and it's a wrong number. It's actually a digit too long for a UK 0800 number anyway.:mad:


So - I tried to set up an account on their technical support page. I entered a password, as it was rejected as not being complex enough. The thing is - it was. It was between 8 and 20 characters long, contained a mixture of lowercase and uppercase characters, and a special character. :mad::mad:


So - the main thing I'm after is a solution. It's just disappointing I guess that such a pricy brand has such poor technical support. Getting the phone number wrong, on a website, it's frankly unbelievable.


Anyway - does anyone on here have any idea how to fix my two keyboard woes?

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Not sure about that number as if i recall correctly, There has only been the toll-free number and a US phone number.


The support site was recently updated, so you may need to ask Technobeard to take a look at the issue.


I'm not 100% sure on the Windows lock key, but for the numbers on the keypad make sure Numlock is enabled.

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On the one hand - that number's for CORSAIR ONE support only - not keyboards. On the other hand, I believe you may have to add 001 before the number for it to work.


As for your password - you didn't mention using a number, which the site says is required.

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