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Notch prevent different layouts.


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:mad:Do all Corsair keyboards have this notch?


I tried changing my K30's keyboard layout from QWERTY to DVORAK a couple years ago, and just again tried last night forgetting I had already tried, and I can't because the F and J keys and the slot they go in have a notch on them that none of the other keys have which causes them to stick in any other slot...


I really don't see the point in this notch, it serves absolutely no purpose, otherwise all the keys would have it...


So hopefully it's not present on all of them.

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All of the keycaps should be the exact same with no defects.


These aren't defects, they are grooves for the key that only exist on the F and J keys.


I managed to melt one and scrape it away with a soldering iron for my F key, it works now, the J key didn't have much success, going to just replace it... serves me right for picking the cheapest model.


I want to know if the groove is present on other Corsair models.

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