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Corsair H115i Question from a noobie


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Hi guys, I recently purchased a Corsair H115i liquid cooler for my Intel 7700K. I have the following questions which are really bothering me before I even attempt to start building my PC. Please shed some light, thanks!!


1. The manual didn't mention how to plug in the SATA cable that comes out of the pump. Should I plug it in? If yes, does it go to my mother board or does it go to my PSU?


2. There are two fan connectors coming out of the pump. One of them has 4 pins, the other one has 3 pins. What is their difference? Does it matter which fan connects to which? I want to understand the technical difference : )




3. The manual mentions two kind of very similar standoffs, the LGA 115x /1366 Standoff and the AMD BLACK STANDOFF. Please see the picture below. I am going with LGA 1151, should I choose the standoffs above? Besides color difference, the black ones (I'm assuming they are for AMD) have different threads on each side.




Please comment if you know the answers! Thanks a lot!!!!!!



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Thank you for your fast response, red-ray!


Regarding No.2, if only one of the fan speeds is reported, does that mean I am able to only control the speed of one fan? or are they somehow synchronized at the same speed always?


Again, thanks for your help!

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