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Found 10 results

  1. So I bought the Corsair h115i cooler and installed iCue but it doesn't show up. I just see the profile menu and a big empty space on the right. I don't know how to fix this. (Gigabyte Z390 UD mobo)
  2. I've had this question for quite a long time. Why do most people connect CPU block directly to GPU blocks without radiators in between while building their water cooling system? It's also very common in manufacturers' example cooling systems. The coolant is heated by CPU block and then flows to GPU block without being cooled, and this is not good for cooling the GPU, isn't it? For example, I have two water cooling systems for gaming PCs, both using the same cases and 360 radiators: CPU block → GPU block → Radiator 1 → Radiator 2 → Distro Plate (with pump) CPU block → Radiator 1 → GPU block → Radiator 2 → Distro Plate (with pump) Do these two systems have same or very different thermal efficiency? If it's same or close, what is the reason? I personally prefer the second one, by the way.
  3. I have two temperature sensor from Phobya in my desktop's liquid cooling loop and they are connected to commander pro. Corsair Link can show temperatures read from those two sensors but I wonder how accurate it can be. Will it happen that, for example, the liquid is 46°C but commander pro reads 38°C? Is there any standard that everyone follow when making fan controllers and sensors?
  4. To support the launch of our new CORSAIR Hydro X Series custom cooling components, we've put together a playlist of installation and setup guides. These videos will be updated as new products and topics related to the CORSAIR Hydro X Series are covered. If you need help or have any questions, please create a separate thread in the Hydro X section of the CORSAIR User Forum. -Corsair Chris
  5. Hello fellas! I'm the proud owner of a Vengeance C70, and i have some questions about it. When I push the rig, video card and CPU temps stay kinda normal, bu the case gets pretty warm, like i can feel it with my hand, so i guess above 37°c. To make it better, i thought about getting an AIO for the CPU (i7 6700k), put the rad in the front (removing the HDD bay), and place the disks on the upper cage with the BRD. Questions are: - is it possible to fit the HDDs in the optical drive bay? - do i need a 80mm fan on the side to cool the zone around the CPU? - you think the problem is the CPU or the 1080Ti? Should i liquid cool it instead? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi guys, I recently purchased a Corsair H115i liquid cooler for my Intel 7700K. I have the following questions which are really bothering me before I even attempt to start building my PC. Please shed some light, thanks!! 1. The manual didn't mention how to plug in the SATA cable that comes out of the pump. Should I plug it in? If yes, does it go to my mother board or does it go to my PSU? 2. There are two fan connectors coming out of the pump. One of them has 4 pins, the other one has 3 pins. What is their difference? Does it matter which fan connects to which? I want to understand the technical difference : ) http://imgur.com/mVXZeRT.jpg 3. The manual mentions two kind of very similar standoffs, the LGA 115x /1366 Standoff and the AMD BLACK STANDOFF. Please see the picture below. I am going with LGA 1151, should I choose the standoffs above? Besides color difference, the black ones (I'm assuming they are for AMD) have different threads on each side. http://imgur.com/oyuyauC.jpg Please comment if you know the answers! Thanks a lot!!!!!!
  7. I Cannot for the life of me find a "Hydro GFX GTX 1080 Ti Liquid Cooled Graphics Card (CB-9060011-WW)" card! i find tons of reviews about them. the release date was awhile back. Just no luck over the last day so im here asking since i need to buy a 1080 ti within the week and id like to get this one. Please someone help and let me know where to find one of these or if the info i read is wrong and its not out yet.
  8. Simex207

    What cooler?

    Hi I recently put together my own gaming PC and it all worked out perfectly, except for one small detail, I ordered the wrong cooler, I got myself an Hydro Series H115i, which I then realized wouldn't fit inside my case, a spech-alpha mid-tower, along with my other parts, mainly the motherboard. Anyway, I am still able to return the cooler and get my money back, but I still want a liquid cooler in my PC and I want to get some advice on what might fit best. I was either thinking a Hydro Series H80i v2 (a single radiator) to put in the top of the case, or a smaller dual radiator like the Hydro Series H100i v2 and put it in the front of the case (or at the top if it actually were to fit) But I want some advice and suggestions from someone with a bit more knowledge than me. Thanks!
  9. Hello, I've got a Corsair H60 (or at least something very similar). For the last several days if not weeks I've noticed that my PC was stuttering quite a bit on mundane tasks like web browsing. I had to reboot and my bios halted the boot up saying that the CPU was experiencing a heat event. I've blown out all the dust and reapplied thermal paste 3 or 4 times and it is currently idling at 65 C in the bios. If I boot into Windows, it goes steady around 70 or 75 and if I'm doing anything at all, it'll spike up to low 90s while hovering in the upper 80s. My problem is that I can feel the hot water coming off the water block and I can feel that the water going in is nice and cool. In the bios the CPU fan shows >4000 RPM. To me that indicates that the pump is still working. But why is the idle temp so high? Should I just cave and jump for a new cooler if for no other reason than to test whether that's the problem? It's not manually overclocked, everything in the bios is pretty much stock specs. Any advice would be very much appreciated. ETA: specs are Asus X99 Deluxe motherboard Intel i7-5930K
  10. 1st post! Yay! :biggrin: Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section, i'm new here :D Okay so, I have quite the computer setup haha. My PC is probably radically different from 99% of others looking for cooling. Here is the quick rundown: I have a Dell T5500. Very small case, not much room, need something compact enough to fit. -GTX 970 idles at ~70°C -Both Xeon's idle at ~62°C -While gaming, Xeon 1 will max out the CPU fan to 100% and be at 74°C-78°C (Max temp for these CPUs are 76°C) -Xeon 2 has only a heatsink, so imagine its getting pretty toasty as well. As you can see, I am very close to thermal throttling, If not already doing so. I have been thinking about buying and installing a closed loop system like the H75 or the H50. The only problem is, this is a small form factor Workstation case. I barely have any space in this case, although I will have more space once: the original workstation CPU cooler on the CPU 2 daughterboard, the CPU 1 Heatsink, and the Front 120mm Dual intake fan assembly are removed. I have a few questions to ask about Closed Loop CPU Liquid Coolers: 1) If I buy two 120mm CPU Liquid Coolers, are the hoses/cables long enough to reach both CPUs if I mount the radiators at the front of the case? I have no clue how long the hoses are. 2) If it is possible to mount both coolers on my motherboard, which would you recommend I purchase? 3) Would it be worth upgrading to Liquid Cooling or would It better be off to get better fans? I really do need better cooling on my components since my case has terrible, almost zero airflow. If needed, I can post photos. Thanks
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