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Vengeance led/rgb/rgb pro faq

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Q: Vengeance LED/RGB/RGB PRO doesn’t change modes when I apply them in CORSAIR iCUE.

A: Some motherboard vendors have a feature called “SPD Write” disabled by default, this feature will need to be set to enabled for CORSAIR iCUE to control Vengeance LED/RGB/RGB PRO.


Q: Can I control Vengeance LED/RGB/RGB PRO from CUE?

A: Vengeance LED/RGB/RGB PRO are best controlled via CORSAIR iCUE. Vengeance LED and Vengeance RGB can be controlled by our legacy software, CORSAIR LINK™, as well if desired.


Q: Can I use 3rd party software to control my Vengeance LED/RGB/RGB PRO?

A: Currently, Vengeance LED/RGB/RGB PRO is best controlled with CORSAIR iCUE software and games/programs that use the CORSAIR iCUE SDK. While there are other RGB controlling software programs from various manufacturers, none provide the full experience that CORSAIR iCUE does currently.


Q: Can Vengeance LED/RGB/RGB PRO be used with my Lighting Profiles in iCUE?

A: Yes! With iCUE, you can create custom profiles with different lighting effects for Vengeance LED/RGB/RGB PRO.


Q: What color heatspreaders does Vengeance RGB/RGB PRO come in?

A: Vengeance RGB/RGB PRO are available in both black and white.


Q: Will there be a DOMINATOR RGB?

A: We cannot comment on unannounced products.


Q: What do I do if Vengeance RGB PRO is showing static red lighting on the top and bottom LED?

A: A lit red LED shining on the top and bottom of the Vengeance RGB PRO lightbar indicates that the module is in firmware update mode. To resume normal operation, force a firmware update from the iCUE Device Settings window and wait until all modules have successfully undergone a firmware reflash.


Q: Why does the Vengeance RGB PRO module lighting remain off when rebooting my system?

A: Vengeance RGB PRO uses a hardware save feature when it plays back a lighting effect. If you turn a module off (either by setting lighting to black or not assigning a lighting effect), the module lighting will remain off until a lighting effect or a color other than black is assigned to the module in iCUE.


Q: There seems to be a delay writing to the memory on my Z170/Z270 motherboard?

A: This is a known issue with some versions of the Intel Management Engine driver. We have found the shortest delay is with version of this driver, and recommend installing it for optimal use.

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Updated. 9/17/18
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