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Void Wireless RGB charging issue


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I've had my Void Wireless RGB for just over 2 months. I typically have the headset plugged into the computer even when I'm using it. (it's plugged into a motherboard USB 3.0 port) So, I'm used to seeing a green LED on the mic when it is turned off. Which I assume means it is fully charged.


I do tech support and work from home a lot, so I typically turn it on in the morning and it stays on all day. (while plugged in) Last week, I noticed the green LED was not lit. Instead, I get a slow pulsing amber LED which seems to indicate it is charging.... all the time.... In addition, the lights on the ear pieces rapidly flash red instead of the slow pulsing green. Also, (and most importantly) I noticed that it turns itself off now when not in use after 10 minutes or so.


I opened CUE (was using 2.5.66, I think, and updated to 2.11.115 today trying to fix the issue) and noticed the battery indicator for the first time. It is almost always 0%. I did some combination of powering the headset off and back on that made it show 100% one time today, but I can't recreate it.


I'm using the cable that came with the headset, tried multiple USB ports and the issue remains. Headset is on v. 39.02. I did check the box to "Disable auto shutoff", but that's just fixing the symptom. It shouldn't shut off while plugged in and never has until last week. Any help would be appreciated! And I apologize if this issue has been posted/answered. I searched for about an hour and couldn't find this particular problem.

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1. Try a different USB port or reconnect the charging cable and see whether that changes how the charging indicator behaves.


2. Blinking red is Corsair's default lighting effect for the headset. You can change this under the lighting tab. Auto shutoff is enabled by default, to disable it, check the box under global settings. (Did it not work for you?)


3. Try connecting the charging cable and waiting for CUE to show it as charging, then disconnect the cable and see whether the battery indicator changes.

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Thanks Toasted.


It is mysteriously working today, so I'm gonna leave it alone for now. By "working", I mean it shows "charging" in CUE, got the green LED on the mic and the green lights on the ear pieces. The lighting effect is set to blinking red in CUE as you mentioned, but I do have the green lights back that I'm used to. lol. Anywho, if/when it comes up again, I'll dig a bit deeper on it.

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Seems I too have come across this bug. As of recently the CUE Software has been updated to 2.14, of which I figured this charging bug would have been resolved, but it hasn't.


Steps to recreate issue:


1. Power on Headset.

2. Plug in USB Dongle.

3. Plug in USB Charging cable into any USB port


Headset states it's powering on and that the mic is on, but no charging words are uttered, nor is there a charging status indicated in CUE under the settings.


There are times where it does work, but more often then not it does not. I thought I fixed this by the order in which I connected the headset (Power on Headset first then plug in USB Wireless Dongle, instead of plug in USB Wireless Dongle then power on Headset).


I really wish that for the money, Corsair decides to listen to us and either update the firmware on the headset/dongle to a newer version to eliminate this issue, or at least tell us what is going on. Even with the latest software update for CUE, the issue still remains. And for the record, I did uninstall the previous version of 2.13, removed all drivers from the Windows Device Manager, just to be sure that the bug didn't carry over from the software upgrade. Any help at this point would be nice.




I took the liberty to uninstall the software and all drivers in Windows 10 Professional, then reinstalled the software, plugged in the USB Dongle and powered on the headset. For that brief moment, the charging came up. What is ironic is that not 5 hours later, the same issue began again. Nothing had been changed, the headset just decided that it didn't want to show that it's charging in CUE. While reinstalling the software is not a solution, I'm willing to bet that there is a firmware and software issue here.

Would someone from Corsair Please respond to this, all of us have spent money on your product, and it's your obligation to help us resolve this issue, especially since so many seem to be having it.



Another Update:


If you plug and unplug the USB cable enough times, the headset will say charging, the green logos will come on. It's almost as if the software doesn't know how to talk to the headset properly unless you quickly plug, unplug and plug the headset back in again.

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I'm having issues also, mine have been plugged into a usb 3 for 16 hours whilst i slept and went to work.


I come home and unplug the headphones and i instantly get the bleep for low battery, CUE report only 11% battery.....


Headphones are around 8 months old, when it does charge full they do last but it rarely happens.


I just enabled the voice prompt, i plug in the cable and it tells me it's charging, 5 seconds later it tells me the charge is complete. Then i unplug and it tells me 'battery low', software showing 7%.


I'll try a full discharge.

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I was told by corsair FB chat to Fully drain the headset and then let it full charge. I would give power cycling a try to see if it fixes the issue. The issue is hard to identify.


The issue isn't hard to identify when it involves the fact that while both the software and hardware is plugged in, the headset does not enter charging mode when you connect the USB cable to it. This is more likely an issue they are aware of, and what they have said about "It's an issue that is hard to identify" is just another excuse for them to take our money and not resolve the issue. They are most certainly aware of this, but like Logitech, just don't care about their customers. It's a simple matter of testing this out, and then figuring out why the headset refuses to let the software know it's charging.


I'd be more interested in how many people are getting these issues using Windows 10, vs say Windows 7. What say you? What version of Windows are you using your headset on, and what is the issue you are having?


Windows 10 - Headset will charge, but software does not state that headset is charging when USB cable is connected to it.

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I'm having the same issue. Void 7.1 Headset won't charge no matter what USB port it's plugged into and CUE has an error message: No Device Detected!


Both the headset and my PC are barely a month old.


Corsair please advise! This is massively disappointing.

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