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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys, so basically, if I install iCUE the headset starts making a hissing/white noise like sound whenever there is sound playing. Sure I can drown out the hiss by pumping up the volume, but whenever I want to listen to something on a lower volume the hiss becomes really annoying. I can remove the hissing by uninstalling the iCUE app and the sound becomes crystal clear - hissing non-existant. Im fine being without the iCUE installed, but I wont be able to check the headsets battery life and I do like the lady voice that tells me whenever my mic is on/off, etc. Anybody got a solution for this? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey, ich habe seit gestern das Corsair Void RGB Wireless. Mir ist erst heute richtig aufgefallen, dass das Headset ja eigentlich eine Mute-LED haben sollte. Ich dachte, das könnte man irgendwie in der Software Regeln, jedoch gibt es da keine Optionen zu. Ich habe versucht, die Software zu Updaten, das Headset zu Updaten, das Headset zu Soft-Rebooten (Mute Taste für 15 sek), ich habe das Mikro natürlich mehrmals hoch und runter geklappt und den Mute Button am Headset selbst auch ausprobiert, jedoch hat nichts davon geklappt. Muten über den Knopf bzw übers Hochklappen funktioniert, wird auch von Windows wahrgenommen. Nur die LED scheint nicht zu blinken. Kann man irgendwie ausprobieren, ob diese vielleicht Kaputt ist?
  3. So I've had my Void Head set for over a year and they suddenly have stopped working properly. I had just cleaned my computer and was installing new drivers. My issues started after I uninstalled my Corsair Utility Engine because I couldn't get it to open anymore. I installed iCUE and all my settings moved over, but when i tried to use my headset it would connect; however I wouldn't get the audio cues anymore, I could modify the LEDs and the mic works. But for some reason my headset won't play any audio besides the mic side tone. My computer recognizes it, but it can't play any audio. I tried the windows trouble shooter and it said "Audio Services Not Responding" I then tried to re-pair my headset and dongle and it still didn't work. I honestly have no idea whats going on
  4. My void RGB had a still blue light on the right headphone and when i turned it on and off it would just stay. I charged it for a bit so it would turn off, now it has just completely stopped working. The headset doesnt turn on
  5. I just bought the corsair Spec Omega case, and the corsair strafe MKII, I have no issues with them. But as newer tech, I needed to change the software from the version of CUE that I was using, to the more up to date iCUE, when I did this, I found that my Void wireless RGB stopped functioning, in the sense that there was no audio, and no mic input. I changed the port in which the USB dongle was connected, and got my audio back. But since then my microphone has had no input from me whatsoever. Then the most interesting thing happened, I decided to reboot my PC, with the headset still on. It functioned perfectly on bootup, I had playback audio so I could hear myself, windows picked up the microphone. Then I opened iCUE, and the whole thing broke again, I could still here, but no microphone. I tried to contact the tech support via the app, to which I got timed out and had no response, I tried to update the firmware, turns out its up to date using (at the time of post) v. 39.02. So I've decided its either a hardware issue (seems unlikely considering it worked briefly), a software issue with windows 10 being compatible with iCUE (also unlikely due to my other peripherals like the strafe and omega case having no issues), an issue with iCUE (likely), or an issue with my profile (likely, so I attached the only 2 profiles I took the time to create, both have the same issue) If someone could help me I'd appreciate it, thanks --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: Clearly I am not the only one with this issue, as another user has reported it too on this thread: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=181543 I tried the one reply that was on there, it didnt work. I'd like to think my more detailed thread will get me better answers. Typing.cueprofile Rainbow Wave.cueprofile
  6. I've had my Void Wireless RGB for just over 2 months. I typically have the headset plugged into the computer even when I'm using it. (it's plugged into a motherboard USB 3.0 port) So, I'm used to seeing a green LED on the mic when it is turned off. Which I assume means it is fully charged. I do tech support and work from home a lot, so I typically turn it on in the morning and it stays on all day. (while plugged in) Last week, I noticed the green LED was not lit. Instead, I get a slow pulsing amber LED which seems to indicate it is charging.... all the time.... In addition, the lights on the ear pieces rapidly flash red instead of the slow pulsing green. Also, (and most importantly) I noticed that it turns itself off now when not in use after 10 minutes or so. I opened CUE (was using 2.5.66, I think, and updated to 2.11.115 today trying to fix the issue) and noticed the battery indicator for the first time. It is almost always 0%. I did some combination of powering the headset off and back on that made it show 100% one time today, but I can't recreate it. I'm using the cable that came with the headset, tried multiple USB ports and the issue remains. Headset is on v. 39.02. I did check the box to "Disable auto shutoff", but that's just fixing the symptom. It shouldn't shut off while plugged in and never has until last week. Any help would be appreciated! And I apologize if this issue has been posted/answered. I searched for about an hour and couldn't find this particular problem.
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