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Win Lock color issue, left ALT key has a different color


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I'm running latest CUE v2.11.115, latest firmware v2.05.

after 3 month without issue I started to notice:

- left ALT key has a different color. I'm using an "all white" illumination setting, with no effect or whatever. the left ALT key is slightly yellow. If I try all the "primary" color (Red, Green, Blue), it looks like other key, but when I set all of them to white, the left ALT is a little bit yellow. but only recently started to look yellow, at the beginning it was "pure" white like other keys.

- the Win Lock key at startup is always in "light blu", even if I disable the color or change the color and save the settings to be the "default". other keys keep the configuration, only the Win Lock seems to behave like this. only when I login in Windows and CUE is running the Win Lock key lights up with the "correct" color.


I've already tried to force a firmware update, I've already tried to unplug the keyboard, press the ESC key and then plug the keyboard -> it starts with the "default" color (red and white), the CUE jumps in and load my profile (all white), but when CUE is not running the Win Lock goes back to that silly light blue.


any ideas?

I have to open a support ticket? ask for a "hardware firmware reset"?


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Save a static lighting profile where the keys are all white and then close CUE. Does the left Alt key LED "return" to white as the other keys?


nope. the left ALT key looks the same, slightly yellowish.

and the "Win Lock" key turns in "light blue". Only with CUE running it gets the correct color.

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How do you change the color of the windows lock and brightness level buttons on the corsair k70 lux? They are always white and red


You should ask in a k70's thread.

Here we're talking about the strafe rgb. ;)

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