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Hello, I'll share profiles I make for my k70, that I use for work or gaming, they'll be ALL in ISO Italian layout, so some tweak for ANSI keyboard layouts may be needed before using.

Now I'm using CUE 2.15.83 in Advanced.


Lupo Marcio

Pretty simple and straightfoward. Enjoy!




Ark: Survival Evolved

Nothing fancy, is already complex by itself, adding other effects will make it only more chaotic.

I needed to make it for the freakload of commands that there are in this game, at first it can be confusing, but you'll get used to.

I rebinded some commands that you can see in this screenshot and in the green rectangle there are what I remembered changes, mostly of them are whistles because they're too many to be only in the alphabet part of the keyboard.

FYI Apostrophe is the key after "0/=", "Subtract Divide Add Multiply" are the symbols up in the numpad and "Decimal" is the dot always in the numpad.

"Period" and "hyphen" are the keys above the "alt gr" key.




Profile for the game in title.

Uses a gray-rusty color palette taken from RUST's banner/header (dunno how to call it).

Pressed keys turn to a bloody red because this game is not good for try harders (I'm one of those), with a little ripple.

As usual you can turn this to a text layout if you enjoy the colors.




Metal Gear Solid V: TPP & MGO

Profiles for MGS fans like me.

The TPP layout uses the Big Boss' arm as principal color palette, gold from the infiltration suit of Ground Zeroes (rings on upper arms and thighs) and a cyan from the iDroid with wave effect from the pressed keys (and for the keys in the simple layout).

The MGO layout as a difference from the TPP, has a more neutral color palette, based lightly from the teaser wallpaper, with the cyan of Team Solid (and iDroid) and the orange of Team Liquid in the simple layout.

Obv you can change colors to comply your favorite team.


The zip has 2 profiles, so it's up to you to switch off the keys and toggle the simple layout. You can simply make a copy for switch between gaming/texting.

The video shows TPP gaming/texting, MGO gaming/texting. Keyboard is not centered because my smartphone makes fun of me.




Put out those flames!!

I made this profile just for fun since I didn't see any with this concept.... I think?

Every key is water you drop on the flames, but like like greek fire, it'll come back with a powerful blaze.





I merely stole the video template from Surject's topic, check his Knight Rider K.I.T.T. profile for K95, it's really cool!

Making this profile helped me A LOT for locating keys that I usually don't use.

Bg has a fixed gradient from color palette of the presentation image of the game, gray for streets, red for bricks and cyan from sky (for ANSI users, a little tweak between layers bg2-bg4 and wave2-wave4 may be needed).

Color coding for meds, weapons/weapon related options, movement and poses (crouch/prone).

There is little feedback animation on the med keys.

As the video shows, all keys has a subtle gold wave-dark ripple effect to make it prettier, that can be enhanced through the opacity slider of the two bg separators.

Lastly can be used as a normal typing keyboard with the simple layout.






It has a little intro with "gold" falling to the ground to a blue (and red-ish pulse) bg fading to a darker tone going to the numpad.

F-key are lit with typical police strobe that can be lowered/powered with the transparency of black layer on-top.

All the layers upon the BG-strobo lights can be toggled off, and turn on the "simple layout" layer, to have something for non-gaming use.

F1-F2-T-F-G-V Have a little animation on the numpad ("feedback" when in-game).





Left 4 Dead

Yellow pulsing background with some single key red pulses.

It has some toggles for all needs, from WASD to versus related keys (like group chat), Yes/No votes and lastly steam screenshots.

Hope you like it.




Autodesk Maya 2016

Simple cheat sheet, it's partially color coded, it has most shortcuts I use for modeling and animation. Maybe I'll update it.

It has multiple profiles and switching when ctrl/alt/shift/ctrl+shift/alt+shift are pressed to show other shortcuts, no worries they retain the function of the key.

Please, release the modifier keys in inverted order (ctrl+shift→shift-ctrl) to not have a faulty profile switching, but no worries: you can restore the main profile by clicking the 9 numpad key.

IN ORDER TO WORK PROPERLY all profile must be in a folder (for the sake of tidiness), all profiles have to be linked all to Maya.exe, and last but not least "Maya" profile must be the first profile in the folder.

Hope this is helpful to someone.



Maya - by Lupo Marcio.zip

L4D2 by Lupo Marcio.zip

PAYDAY 2 - By Lupo Marcio.cueprofile

PUBG by Lupo Marcio.cueprofile

Put out those flames - by Lupo Marcio.cueprofile



ARK by Lupo Marcio.cueprofile


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