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Corsair 1000D Build. (very slow)


Hello everyone, I am fairly new to the PC build world. I have built a total of 5 basic Computers for gaming. Utilizing air cooled and AIO methods for CPU cooling. I want to try my hand at custom loop water cooling. So, in true fashion to me I went with the probably one of the most daunting cases and plans one could go with on their first attempt, Yup, that's me! I don't dip my toes. I jump straight in, headfirst, right into the deep end... Sitting in my room (battle station) I have my newly acquired 1000D. What a huge box! I received my first order of Icue Link QX120mm fans. I plan on reusing my current hardware and then utilizing the ITX mount as a standalone gaming PC. Which will all be new. I stream and my goal I to have a dual PC setup. One for gaming/editing and one for everything else. The plan is to have 2 separate water loops. One for each. I am not sure which way will be the best way to lay this out. My original thought was to utilize the front as an intake for the 2 480mm rads for the more demanding gaming pc to get the freshest air possible. And the top exhaust for the stream pc. RGB will run from the ATX board and the fan and pump controls from the ITX board. Intake fans at the bottom and 2 exhaust out the rear. Still thinking about adding the 240 Rad at the rear. I chose the Link fans to minimize the amount cable managing that will take place. The end goal is to have a total of 36 120mm fans in this. I thought the link fans would make easy installation of this but I'm learning that connecting all of this will make for software nightmares.... I really hope some way, somehow, I can make all of this work. 36 fans and 2 pumps will be the hardest part. Not to mention all of the RGB that will be three as well... I'm up for a good challenge though. I'm a welder/fabricator by trade. I'm pretty handy when it comes to pipe fitting as well. If anyone has any insight or ideas, I'd love to hear them.

Note: I'm particularly doing my best to stick to corsair to keep it all under one eco system for ease of use. I'll add photos of thebuild along the way. Just know it's going to be a slow process.


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