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Light lvl button question


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Hi. I just got a K70 RGB lux and everything so far looks good (not to mention that annyoing not to get rid of dot on a "G" letter on "Page down" button) but i notice something on the light lvl button. The thing is that you have on this button this circle and lines around this circle so it looks like a sun and on my keyboard one of thoes "lines" doesn't shines as other, and my question is: is this supposed to be like this ? xD or it's faulty led ?


I know it's something little but this triggers me so bad :mad:

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maybe it is normal it though the button my K95 RGB doesn't look like what you have in the picture.


tbh it looks like ur button have the same issue. I mean it looks less bad but still you can see that this right "line" shine different then others :sigh!:


@Edit: I also wonder why no one of corsair guys did not show up, i think they know that is a common issue but they dont want admit it :mad:

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