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Any hope for my H80?


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This is my first post for many years so please forgive any Noob mistakes!

I bought a 2nd hand PC with an H80 92.0 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler installed with just a single fan on the outside of the radiator. I plugged the fan into the cooler unit and the unit into the CPU fan socket as per instructions I found online. The pump feels like it is working when I touch the 2 radiator tubes however the fan doesn't run and there is no light on the cooler switch nor effect when pushing the switch. I also tried connecting a 2nd fan to the cooler but when I switch on the PC the fans twitch and then do nothing more. The fans work fine when plugged directly into the motherboard. Holding down the button whilst rebooting has no impact.

Is this inevitably a problem with the cooler itself or with my MB/Software? I'm running Windows 10 and the MB gives me no control over the CPU fan speed. Assuming the pumps are indeed working my short term solution is to plug the Cooler fan into an auxiliary fan socket and control its speed manually.

Any help would be appreciated!

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