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Corsair H80 wont pair anymore.

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I recently purchased the Corsair H80 headset about a month ago. For a while the H80  was working great until today.

When I got home from work my Headset was blinking blue on the mic and my "dongle" pairing usb device was also flashing. They seem to no longer recognize eachother.


What I've tried

Using the Icue Software, going to the USB reciever and selecting pair.

Forcing updates to both the dongle and the headset.

Uninstalling and reinstalling drivers through device manager.

Pairing the H80 with bluetooth.


Funny thing, it works in bluetooth but with bluetooth on the audio is balls because it no longer gets the support of dolby atmos driver.


Until I can fix this, I'm back to my old wired headset which I hate because the cord wants to tangle up and drag me to the rear end of my pc to be strangled by cables ( Sarcasm )


I love corsair as a company but I have no idea at this point what to T/S in order to fix my headset.

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So bit of an update, after using bluetooth for a while, it randomly paired suddenly. No input from my part, then two days later it's resumed the not pairing behavior where is just flashes blue and no amount of T/S seems to work. I'm almost ready to go to best buy and request a refund and use the money to purchase a logitech headset or something else around the same price. I have many corsair products but none have ever been so frustrating to deal with. I just simply like to turn the headset off when I'm not using it and I feel punished for that behavior. I don't want to keep it permanently on just to retain the pairing.  I'm going to keep updating this as I go. We're back to bluetooth again ( windows 10 OS ) so I'm going to see if after a while if it just randomly pairs like last time.

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Ok so I think I've figured it out, turns out the "secret".... kinda. Playing with the power button yesterday has given me a clue. Pressing and holding down the power button for 15 seconds seems to unpair the device and after doing it again it seemed to work. We'll see if this unpairing behavior resumes after work today.

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I'm keen to hear how it's going with your issue? I enjoyed reading your story of frustration, haha. Anyway, I had the same problem and I think I might have found a fix. It turned out my headset was in Bluetooth mode. As soon as I switched to wireless mode, it connected with the dongle. Here are the instructions I followed to switch mode:



With the headset powered on, enable pairing by holding the MFB until the status LED rapid blinks red and blue. When the headset is paired, the status LED will blink blue. Quick press the power button to toggle between RF wireless and Bluetooth modes. When the headset is in RF wireless mode the status LED will blink red, orange or green depending on the current battery level. Note when the headset is in RF wireless mode and paired via Bluetooth with a mobile phone, it will only accept and receive phone calls. Quick press the power button to enter Bluetooth mode and enable both phone calls and Bluetooth audio (such as when listening to music). The headset will default to the last mode it was set to when turned off.


Hope it helps!

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