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Found 16 results

  1. So I built my new pc about 2 days ago and now my the lights on on of my fan stopped working and it only shows the blue color on a little part of it. The other fan still works and the lights of that also works so I don't know what happened to my other fan.
  2. So my motherboard only has three headers and I need a splitter for all 7 of my fans, when I have two rgb fans plugged into my motherboard they work but when I plug them into the splitter they don't. Is this because the splitter doesn't get enough power and I need a fan hub? Thanks, here is the splitter. https://www.amazon.com/Fancasee-Splitter-Internal-Motherboard-Extension/dp/B07BWFT253/ref=sr_1_10?dchild=1&keywords=fan+splitter&qid=1615339129&sr=8-10
  3. So I bought the corsair lighting node core to connect my sp120 RGB fans to, the fans power works and I can control the speed, the only problem is the RGB. I contacted Corsair support and they said it was a faulty controller so I bought a new working one. I then plugged all my three fans in and nothing happened. I also have iCUE all set up with the right type of fans and everything but still the same result. I know the fan's RGB is in working order because I got the fans from a friend that had them working perfectly. Please help, Thanks!
  4. I’ve had this PC set up for the past year and it’s worked fine. Suddenly one of the cooling fans won’t work! It happened once but I just turned it off and on again and it somehow fixed it, however I’ve done that many times now with no such luck. The other fan in the cooling duo works fine, and both fans have the rgb lights still working, I’m worried it might be a motor issue on this particular fan????? Everything else works fine, I’m just worried about the cooling!
  5. So I've got an h100i platinum with two LL fans on it, 4 QL fans in the case hooked up to a Corsair RGB Fan Node which is hooked up to a Corsair RGB Node. And I've got 3 Phanteks RGB Neon strips hooked up (with a custom made cable) to the Corsair RGB node. I've also got 4 dimms of RGB Vengeance. That's all controlled by iCue. There's RGB on the MB but that's controlled by the worst program known to man... RGB Fusion 2.0. I was really disappointed with how poor the quality of the RGB was on the QL fans (the ones hooked up to the RGB Fan Hub), and even the LL fans on the h100i didn't look as vivid as they should. But basically, all 6 fans looked very washed out, too bright, not vivid at all. This was in rainbow unicorn barf mode btw. The Phanteks Neon strips, the 4 RAM sticks, and the Pump RGB were displaying very vivid nice-looking color. So I do a test to see what the individual colors look like. With red, green, and blue, everything looked okay, maybe the green was a bit off on the QL fans, but not by much. But when I selected Magenta... The four QL fans looked completely different from the rest of the set up, it was much more blueish and not vivid at all. And the magenta on the two LL fans though the right color this time wasn't as vivid a magenta as the very pump that they were sold with... I don't understand why this is. And it was the same story with the orange, yellow, cyan. The Phanteks Neon Strips and the h100i pump were consistently closer to the correct color, a much more vivid color than the two LL fans and especially the 4 QL fans... EXCEPT for white. I don't know why, but when I picked white, the Neon Strips and the pump were YELLOW... and the LL fans were a solid white, and even the 4 QL fans were white, but a much darker white. This isn't a question of the QL fans being bad either, because I plugged them into the h100i and they were much closer to the correct color just like the LL fans were when they were plugged into the h100i. What is happening? Is the Corsair RGB Fan Hub broken? Whatever is plugged into that shows the worst washed out color. The two fans that can be plugged into the h100i show slightly less vivid color than they should. And for some reason, the Neon strips and the Pump show white as a gross yellowish color. Is there any way to calibrate this? Why is everything so messed up? Do Corsair fans just not show very vivid RGB? I've tried plugging things in one at a time to different controllers and it still doesn't help. Whatever's in the fan up looks like crap. Whatever is plugged into the h100i looks better but still not very vivid. When I plugged in the Phanteks strips into the Motherboard and used RGB Fusion2.0 to check if it displayed white correctly, it did. But for some reason, when I plug it into the RGB Node, it shows the exact same colors as the h100i pump and they both show white as light yellow. And the RGB RAM is always showing the right color and is also vivid. Why can't it all look like that? Why isn't there a way to calibrate the colors in iCue? How do I go about fixing this?
  6. The RGB in my radiator fans turned off the moment I opened up iCUE, I was able to get the 3 front fans, the 1 back fan, and the 2 bottom fans running through the software, but the 2 on the H100i Platinum have since been off. Uninstalling the program didn't return the lighting back to the default that it started with, and the H100i Fans didn't come back either. I've installed/reinstalled profiles to change the lights and nothing has brought them back to me. I wouldn't be so annoyed if uninstalling iCUE entirely set the fans back to default, but it just leaves them where they were at when it was last on the PC. Any help in how to fix this will be greatly appreciated!
  7. Hello All, First time post on here and I am having an issue with my fan speeds and not adjusting down below ~1300 RPM. I will provide the best information I can with potential fixes I have tried. Specs are as such: i7 8700, ( air cooled from the Motherboard 4 Pin Fan header) Asus ROG Strix 2070s 32 gb Ram 700W PSU 5 Fans All plugged into the Commander Pro: - 1 SP Fan Over top of the CPU cooler (Working properly and the speed can be adjusted by iCue) - 1 AF Exhaust (Came with the case fan- Can be adjusted with iCue) - 3 AF 120mm 3-pin fans for the case (all of which CANNOT be adjusted using iCue) Link The fans in question cannot be adjusted using iCue and consistently spin at ~1300 RPM, but they CAN be increased to ~15 or 1600 RPM with custom fan curves. The Fans in question are using the GPU Package as the sensor and even with custom fan curves it does not solve the issue. I am looking for a solution to get iCue to make these fans work, OR alternate software, OR a recommendation to get these fans to work. My thought was to use my other 4 PIN fan header (non-CPU) on the Motherboard with a splitter to control these 3 PIN AF 120's, but would that work? Can a 4 PIN header control a 3 PIN fan with modulated speed? Isn't that what the Commander Pro is supposed to do? Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. Cheers,
  8. Just added these 2 x LL140 fans to the top of my case (they are the only things plugged into my node pro). I just downloaded icue for the first time, it is recognizing the LEDs on my motherboard (RoG Strix x570), but it is not recognizing the two new LL 140s. I find it interesting that the fans are spinning and glowing white on white, but I cant find them in icue. I bought the Corsair CRYSTAL 570X RGB Mid-Tower Case and I am using the node pro that came preinstalled in the case that were working with the 3 front 120mm fans, but I have since removed. Anyone know what the issue is? Thanks!
  9. Hi all, Just installed another LL120 for my 465x case and plugged the RGB cable into slot 4 of the lighting node core and the 4pin fan cable into a free fan header on my motherboard. When I booted the system up it said that header was 0rpm, so I changed header and the same thing. 0rpm (and unable to control the speed) for every fan header for this fan. I've tried switching between DC and PWM fan modes and nothing changes. iCue also doesn't seem to recognise the fan speed but it does light up the fan with RGB and it all syncs with the others. The fan is physically spinning, albeit slowly, but this seems like a broken tach sensor in the fan? Does anyone have any ideas or shall I send it straight back?:bigeyes: Thanks
  10. Ok I need help. I have been building PCs since I was little. Over the summer (a couple months ago) I decided to upgrade one of my old ones using a mix of new and old parts. From my old PC I grabbed: CX750M power supply, case and a unopened GEFORCE GTX 970. Brand New I bought a: Ryzen 7 2700x, Gygabyte B450 pro, Some random corsair ddr4 16gb ram, and most importantly some corsair hd120 fans. Well I set it all up and it was beautiful, for two days or so until I the fans decided they didn't work anymore. Random lights would be on with random colors. So I contacted corsair and they sent me spairs Chapter 2: Well I got the spares and was super excited until I plugged them in and had the same issue. So let me go into detail on how I set these up. 1.) Mounted 2.) plugged fans into board and hub 3.) Plugged hub into sata. So to be clear I followed instruction word for word I read the pamphlet maybe a 100 times even tho it didn't say much. Fabulous they don't work. Contacted support again, set them pics of my set up they confirmed everything was textbook. Sent me a third pack... Chapter 3: BRUH Today I got the 3rd set, tested one fan, this way I didn't waste my time putting them in. It works, plugged in the other 2 in series, surprise... Doesn't work. Now right now they are just plugged into the hub and controller. So that means the only thing working in the system is the plug and play fans. Doesn't work so has nothing to do with my system. I then unplugged all 3 and tested them individually, none of them work. At this point I genuinely not sure what to do. Just emailed support. Frustrated though, so I'm on here if anyone has ideas how to make these work please help. If anyone thinks corsair should just give me a free pc definitely chime in. I've made every effort to make sure that nothing would interfere with the fans when I tested them in and they don't work so, either I'm missing something (I'm not) or they just made a lot of faulty fans. Either way gimme your thoughts Thanks N
  11. I have had these fans in my build for about 3 month but the last month or 2 they have not be working properly. I have 4 of them top one is fan #1 and the 3 in the front of my case is 2,3,4 as they go down to the bottom of the case. fan #1 works great! but fan #2 seens to have only one led lit on the insider leds and fans 3 and 4 just dont work at all. I have tried rearranging them order wise and when i take fan number 2 and put it on 3 it does the same one led lit thing on fan 3 but when i do fan number one on fan 3 it lights up fine and now fan number 1 is not lit? is it my fan rgb hub? i have the fan rgb hub and the commander pro, the fans run fine just the leds dont work right. I have updated the commander pro and have tried different colors of leds but nothing works for fans 2,3,4. One thing i should add is all of them will start up fine but once i am on my computer for a couple hours it will start messing up. but lately they have been messed up as soon as i start my computer.
  12. When i connect these fans to the sata cables and turn on the computer, they look like this. I have tried to disconnect the fans from the lightning hub and reconnect them again in a different order, to see if one was not working properly, but still got the same results. The model is Corsair LL120 RGB 120mm and all 4 are the same, however 3 of the fans came in the same pack, while 1 was bought separate from the same site. Don’t know if that helps. Thank you for your time :).
  13. Hi guys, As the title suggests, I have a fan on which the lights seem to be faulty. I originally had 3 ll120’s, but I bought a 4th yesterday because why not :D Anyway, after I added the new fan and tested it extensively, I cannot get the new fan to light up. What I have tried: - Tried new fan in 4th slot on LNP (lighting node pro) originally - Tried new fan in slots 1-3 on LNP - Added the fan to the lighting mode pro in ICUE All of the other fans pick up when I swap them around between slots 1-3 but what interests me is the following: When I swap say fan 1 with new fan, none of the lights work. Is there something wrong with the new fan I bought?
  14. The front fans no longer adjust rpm with the other case fans as of deleting ICUE (which I loathe and will never use). They worked fine prior to downloading the software as well. My Bios will not recognize the front three fans now either. Is there a way to just reset the commander pro?
  15. I am currently using a Corsair H100i v2, four SP120 RGBs, two ML120 Pros and a Commander Pro. I only recently brought the Commander Pro, as I wanted more control over my case fans and extra RGB options for the SP120s. So I installed it, plugging in my four SP120s into the fan ports and plugging the SP120 RGB unit into the RGB port. However, when I booted up my system and loaded iCUE, the Commander Pro did not display any active fans, it only displayed 3 voltages and 4 temps (2 fans will occasionally appear and display random RPM numbers and then disappear). Furthermore, I have plugged in all 4 temperature nodes into the Commander Pro, but iCUE is showing all four temps as 0 degrees. I am able to change the RGB for all four SP120s, but I have no control over fan RPM what so ever. Furthermore, I am having a similar problem with my H100i v2. I have my 2 ML120 Pros plugged directly into my H100i v2 and have its USB connector plugged into my motherboard. However, within iCUE the H100i v2 is only showing 1 fan and it is saying it is at 0 RPM, when I can clearly see both fans spinning in my case. I have also noticed that the SP120s, plugged into the Commander Pro, and possibly also the ML120 Pros, plugged into the H100i v2, rapidly change their RPM every 10 to 20 seconds or so (I can hear them speeding up and slowing down). It seems like they are following some kind of pre-defined fan curve, but like I mentioned iCUE is not letting me control any of my fans, so I have no idea why they are doing this? I have attached my view of iCUE I hope someone can help, Thanks!
  16. Ok so after I completed my recent build I decided I wanted to add an LL120 fan to get some extra RGB lighting, but bought it without doing much research. I bought the single LL120 fan and not the three pack, as I didn't want to spend that much money on the full pack. To get the single fan's RGB to work can I get away with just purchasing the Corsair RGB LED Hub and directly plugging it into my mobo? Or will I also have to buy the Corsair Lightning Node Pro? I've seen people asking similar questions to this but I have been unable to figure out if I can just get away with one of the two components, as most others have more than one fan. Thanks for the help.
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