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H110i GTX Link 4.2...


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I have the following...


Corsair Link

Corsair H110i GTX 280mm (Stock everything)

Corsair HX1000i PSU


All seems well except I seem to need to manage the profiles to change the RPM levels. Can I not just have them ramp up if the CPU gets warm?


I read another thread where a similar problem was explained and I think the fix was to get PWM fans.


Are there 140mm PWM Corsair fans? Do I actually need these to have the system automatically managing the RPM's?


Also, if these fans do exist, do they by chance come in LED variants?


Thanks for any assistance on this. I've actually had this cooler hooked up to a 2600k for a while but upgraded to 6700k this weekend and actually bothered to setup Corsair Link etc. Previously I just had the CPU doing its magic without my intervention and it was fine, but I figured I do it the right way this time.

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If i recall correctly, the fan controller inbuilt to the cooler is linked to the coolant temp. The fans should already automatically change speed based off the coolant temperature e.g. Quiet/Balanced/Performance profiles unless you created a custom profile or set the fan to run in a fixed mode.


Unfortunately, Corsair does not have any retail 140mm LED PWM fans. The SP140L included with the coolers are PWM but do not have any LED lighting. It is available as spare parts from the Corsair webstore.

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