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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, a few years ago I built my PC using 6 corsair LL120 fans. To connect them, I used the RGB Lighting HUB and the Lighting Node Pro included in the packages. So basically now I have in my PC 6 fans connected to the RGB Lighting HUB, that is connected to one of the two LED controllers in the Lighting Node Pro, while in the other LED Controller I have some Lian Li RGB Cable Extensions, and the Lighting Node Pro connected by USB to the Motherboard. I'm from Spain, and here in the summer the thing gets quite hot, so I wanted to control the fans speed to lower the PC temperature, but found out I couldn't do it with what I have now, I need to install also a Commander Pro. I tried to make a diagram with the system I need to install and just wanted to ask if it's correct or I'm missing something, I let the diagram attached to the message. Thanks in advance!
  2. I recently just finished a PC build using a H510i Elite Capellix in a 5000X RGB case. I also purchased 3 additional SP fans and 1 additional ML fan. Currently I have the 3 SP fans that came with the case and the 3 additional SP fans connected to the core controller that came with the case. The 3 fans for the H510i and the extra ML fan are connected to the commander core that came with the H510i. When I open the iCue software it shows me fan speed controls only for the 4 ML fans connected to the commander core. I cant control the speed of the 6 SP fans. I would like to be able to control all fans speeds from iCue so i can use the built in profiles, of quiet, balanced, etc. How can I accomplish this? Right now it seems like the 6 - SP fans are running almost at full speed right when I boot up the computer. Thanks!! I use the 6 SP fans as the intake on the front and side of the case. The H510i is mounted to the top and the additional ML is on the back and are the exhaust fans. my MOBO is an ASUS TUF GAMING Z590-PLUS WIFI.
  3. Hey all. I have an H150i Pro AIO that I am managing (among other things) with iCue (at v4.20.169 at time of writing.) I normally run the fans on the cooler at 1,150RPM fixed, enough to keep the case well exhausted of heat, while also not being noisy. It's worked well for over 2 years now but recently, I noticed components running hotter and it seems that iCUE is not respecting my chosen speed anymore. If you look at the attached screenshot, you'll see what I mean. Deleting and recreating the profile didn't help. More perplexingly, the other stock profiles like Extreme and Zero RPM, work fine when I switch to those. It just doesn't want to respect my custom, flat RPM that I've set. Anyone else run into this and manage to fix it? I'm at a bit of a loss. Thanks!
  4. Hey everybody, yesterday I bought a Corsair iCue 220T RGB Glass Case, 3x SP120 Pro fan and 2x LL120 fan. To control the fans and LEDs I use a Corsair Commander Core XT. My problem is iCue 4 can't control the fan speed. The SP120 are locked around 600-800 RPM and the LL120 are locked around 1400 RPM. (But the LED control works fine.) I've read many forum entries and tried a lot. For example, user-defined presets, restart, reinstallation, updates, delete settings from AppData, etc. Unfortunately, nothing helped... Maybe someone had the same problem and maybe they can help me. Thanks in advance! Greetings Critical My PC MB: ASUS Q87M-E PS: be Quite 550W 80Plus Platinum GC: NVIDIA RTX 3060 RAM: 16GB [4 x 4GB] Processor: Intel i7-4790K HD: 4TB [2x 500GB HDD(WD) ; 2x 500GB SSD (Samsung, WD)] Fan: 3x Corsair SP120 Pro 2x Corsair LL120 Controller: Corsair Commander Core XT
  5. So I upgraded my pc yesterday new motherboard msi mpg z490 gaming carbon New processor Intel i7 10700k Also purchased the corsair h100i elite for cooling I used my original boot ssd from my old motherboard When I booted the pc up all working ok windows opened straight away The h100i lights on looked great After a few minutes it started blinking red on the fans and on the corsair badge on the processor Now when I boot up the pc after 1 minutes fans work up to full speed and no lights I looked on the motherboard info and the h100i is not recognized on the board just says unknown Also in icue it will not pick up the cooler at all no matter what i do Giving me crazy head ache now been trying for hours and hours Can anyone help please Thanks
  6. Hey guys, I have bought the Elite Capellix 150i and 3 Corsair Icue Sp120 Rgb Pro Performance 120Mm. The 3 Capellix fans I can control, but the 3 Corsair Icue Sp120 Rgb Pro Performance 120Mm Ventilator, are always at maximum speed. I can set all devices to 0 rpm, but only the Capllix fans will do that. It goes the same with the other settings, extreme, balanced, or fixed percentage. The 3 Capellix fans will do it but the 3 Corsair Icue Sp120 Rgb Pro Performance 120Mm Ventilator won't. Can I control the Corsair Icue Sp120 Rgb Pro Performance 120Mm Ventilator, which is connected to commander pro from the Capellix 150i? Or will they always be on max settings? Connected the pump to CPU_FAN the Commander Core to USB 2.0 header specs: Capellix firmware: 1.6.135 Icue firmware: 3.37.140 Window 10 pro 64 bit Version 20H2 (19042.746) Asus Dark hero X570 (BIOS 3003) EVGA RTX 3080 FTW ULTRA I have seen a lot of topics about this, but I haven't seen a fix for it. If you need any additional data, I will be happy to provide it. Thank you. Kind Regards, DHD
  7. Hi all, I have been using my Corsair H115i RGB Platinum cooler for about 9 months now. However, for some reason, when I set the fan speed to "extreme" in iCue, it only goes to around 840 RPM. The description of this product says the fan speed may reach 2000 RPM. (https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Liquid-Cooling/Dual-Radiator-Liquid-Coolers/Hydro-Series%E2%84%A2-RGB-Platinum/p/CW-9060038-WW#tab-tech-specs) I have seen it reach closer to 2000 RPM before but it has since stopped reaching that point. None of my settings have changed to my knowledge, including BiOS settings. Any suggestions? Thanks! :)
  8. Hey all. Forgive me if this comes across as a noob question here but I couldn't find an answer. I have an H150i Pro that's being controlled by iCUE. Is there any way to manually control the fan RPM. On the Quiet profile, I don't feel like it's venting enough heat but on Balanced, the fans are too loud. I'd like to manually set a middle ground between the two profiles but can't find a way to do that. Is there? Thanks!
  9. Hi folks, I appreciate your time. I'm finishing up a build which has 6 x QL120's hooked up through a Commander Pro. iCue runs up the RGB side wonderfully, I have zero problems on that front. In a nutshell the fans went from idling quietly to 1500rpm of their own accord. All fans fire up together, there isn't just a rogue fan doing it's thing. Custom profile - No go. Even fixed RPM - No go. Cannot get a reaction out of the fans at all when playing with those settings. Quiet/Balanced/Extreme make no difference either. If I fire up Prime95 then I can bring on the fan increase, but it does not match the profile. It immediately goes up to 1500rpm regardless of the CPU sitting on <30C. I made a custom profile, switched to a temperature sensor instead of CPU and had it hanging outside the case @ 23C. Prime95 - 1500rpm again, completely ignoring the actual temperatures. I have uninstalled all SmartFan software, System Info etc from Gigabyte. The only other software is the NZXT CAM software running the AIO. Those fans function as normal and don't make any difference whatsoever to the QL120's. I have re-installed/restarted services etc with no change. Can I please have some opinions on what may be the issue here? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi all, So, a quick overview of my system: I've been using a Commander Pro for about a year now to control various fans from other brands, both 3pin and 4pin, with no major issues to speak of. I've now bought a 3 pack of SP120 Pro RGB and I'm having a couple of different issues 1. I've tried to use a 3 way splitter to connect the 3 fans to one header on the CP. With 2 fans connected to the splitter, these work as normal, spinning at around 850rpm, but as soon as I connect the third, they all spin up to around 1200rpm. Ive tried 3 different splitters, and they all behave the same way. 2. I cannot, no matter what I do, get the fans to spin below 850rpm. I've seen reviews saying that they've tested these fans down to about 350rpm using old-school voltage control fan controllers, but surely I should be able to do this with the CP too? Even if they'd go down to 600rpm I'd be happy, but my intention is to have 6 of them pushing air through 2 radiators, and the PC already sounds like it's going to take off. Does anyone have any suggestions please? Can I use a low noise adapter on the fans to reduce RPM maybe?
  11. First i'll start with an apology if this not the correct area but i cant find a specific discussion for CP. Installed CP today to get away from using Asus AI Suite for case fan control and use iCue. I have H150i pro and LNP connected to my CP. I can control the fan speeds fine for my H150i and LP works fine too. My fans just run at full speed through CP. I've tried the following: Force updating firmware (v0.9.212) - It hangs at 0% constantly Reinstalling iCue (v3.26.95) any help/advice would be great Cheers,
  12. Hello, I have a Corsair h80i v2 for around 2 years now and it worked great. About two weeks ago it became very loud. Fan speeds are stuck at 1560 rpm. I can change as much as I want in iCUE but speeds do not change. I tried to reinstalling software but to no help. Any ideas on what can I do?
  13. I can't seem to catch a break. I ripped out all my Commander Pro's and went back to motherboard controlled fans, only to find on the MSI XPower Gaming AC motherboards the EXS_FANx headers to not respond to temp changes. Whether it is a faulty motherboard I don't know but two of them are doing the same thing. So had to go back to Commander Pro's with Windows hanging every time PC is woken from sleep. I purchased a new case. Mapped the fan placements on each of the CPros and moved everything to the new case. Connections in the new case are 100% identical to the old case. Yet, CorsairLink now reports the CPU fan speed as ZERO. I'm at my wits end with this stuff. I just want a system that works, cools and does what's expected of it. If it's not one thing it's another. Operationally, everything seems to be behaving as it should. Fans speeds for case fans are showing and responding to temp changes. The thermal sensors are reporting temps. CPU fans respond to temp changes, but speed is shown as 0. I replaced the USB Cable. I swapped the fans on the pump headers. I swapped C/Pro connections I tried different motherboard USB ports. I reset my BIOS, Upgraded and downgraded it. I made sure the CPU and pump fans were set to PWM and also tried Auto. I put the pump connector on the CPU_FAN header but C/Link refuses to detect the H115i at all if I do that. I upgraded and downgraded C/Link. I installed C/Link from a clean windows that had never had C/Link on it. This is driving me nuts. Why would moving parts to a new case stop C/Link from reporting the fan speed?
  14. Hi, tldr: my cpu "fan" reading says ~4000-6000 rpm even though in reality there are zero fans attached to the motherboard. Everything is either through H100i's iCue or NZXT CAM, both through USB 2.0 to the motherboard. --- I just built a new rig in March 2019. Here are my relevant specs: ASUS Prime x470 Pro H100i Platinum SE NZXT H700i with 3 front 120 mm fans (The rear 140mm fan was removed). My CPU fan reading (on HWMonitor, NZXT CAM, and ASUS BIOS) reads around 4000-6000 RPM. However, in reality, I do not have a single fan (of any kind) connected to my mother board. I have the two 120 mm LL fans from corsair for my H100i for my cpu. But those are both attached to my H100i directly through USB (basically whatever the Corsair install directions said). My NZXT fans are run through the CAM hub, but the CAM hub is connected to my motherboard through USB as well. Thus, there shouldn't be a single fan connected to my motherboard. Yet my "cpu fan reading" still says 5000 rpm. My actual cpu radiator fans, run through iCue is working just fine. So are my other fans. Even if I assessed this setup wrong, there still isn't a single fan running at all times (idle or load) at 4000-6000 rpm. That "phantom" fan doesn't exist. Just wondering what is going on with that reading? Have I assessed this right? I really just want to know where this "phantom" fan reading is coming from. And how I can get rid of that reading? Should I instead connect a fan to the motherboard itself? Nothing is actually wrong with my system. And clearly there is nothing running at 5000 rpm. Thanks! Cheers!
  15. Hi, I have two questions about iCue software with Commander PRO. For your information, I come from LINK software and I like this software :p: I know we can create custom curves for fan speed and for it we can choose a temperature sensor but: - How to run all fan to 100% speed when one temperature sensor reach a specified temperature? on LINK we can do that. For example, If HDD, or SSD or CPU ... sensor reach 40C, I want all FAN run to 100% speed. - Default curves is not based on a specified temperature sensor, so how it work? For example, QUIET curve for Commander PRO is based on all temperature sensors? How iCue use these default curves? thank you for your help.
  16. Hi guys, I recently finished a build using Corsair's case 460X RGB. It looks gorgeous, by the way. I've attached a pic. The issue - I can't control the fan speed using BIOS (tried Speedfan as well). There are no changes in speed even if I put them at 0%, or 100%. It still shows ~1600rpm after I save & restart, and there are no changes in loudness, from what my ear can tell. I am using my mobo's feature Fan-tastic tuning, which allows each mobo's fan hub to be controlled separately. The case comes with 3 SP120's fit inside + the RGB controller. I purchased an additional SP120 to fit as exhaust of the case. To be able to give power to all of the 4 fans, I bought a fan hub that fits 4 PWM fans. The hub is connected to my motherboards chassis fan connector (4-pin). I am out of options at this point. The fans are quite loud. Can someone steer me in the right direction or tell me what am I doing wrong?
  17. Hi, I have the H150 I pro and a commander pro installed in my PC, I have connected the 150 pro radiator fans to the commander pro in slot 1 to 3 and 3 case fans from 4 to 6. however I can set all kind of fan curves for the H150 pro radiator fans but the case fans are stuck at max RPM. I have 6 LL 120 and I use icue . can you help, please.
  18. Hey I just built my new PC specs (i7-8700k H150i RGB AIO, TRIDENTZRGB 16GB 3200, 1060OC, 3X HD120, SPECOMEGA, Z370-F GAMING) When my cpu usage goes high (due to me recording, streaming and playing my case fans (not aio fans they are fine) ramp up to like 1400rpm from 700 when my CPU usage goes up, however, I only want them going up if my CPU starts to overheat. How do I change this? the fans are connected directly the MB
  19. Hello everyone! I have recently got the H100i V2 for my pc and the default fan curve on Corsair Link seems to be too loud for me. I have my radiator at the top of my case with the fans blowing outwards (pretty sure it blows outwards, the logos on the fans are facing inwards). I have a intel 8700k and a 1080 ti (if that helps). I am just curious what fan curve people would recommend for sorta intense games (like PUBG and stuff).
  20. Hello everyone, I recently installed iCUE and my new Commander Pro into my system. Connected to my Commander Pro are: My H100i v2 6 120LL Series fans (4 fan connections) 1 fan is on the CPU_Fan and one is connected to the H100i v2 1 Fan LED Hub with all 6 LL fans 4 LED Strips (daisy chained) Now my Problem: I wanted to control my casefans like advertised in the YouTube Video ([ame] [/ame] around 1:35) to just ramp up if I game or have a heavy workload on my System. I set up a fan curve and set the temperature sensor on to my GPU. But even if I use the profile I have to first set the % for fan speed to 0 to stop the fans in the first place, after that I have to manually change to my preconfigured fan curve. But after the change my fans won’t turn on while gaming. If I use a different program for a game with a fan curve where the fans are always on they will turn on while ingame but won’t turn of if I change back to my normal Profile even if the temperatures are fare lower that configured. I don’t know if this is just an iCUE problem but it kind of seems to me like if the program is setting the fan curve up but that just accept the speed it currently has and doesn’t change it with the temperature automatically. Maybe I am wrong, but I hope this helps to improve iCUE in terms of fan configuration. Hopefully this is just a software issue and not a hardware error. Thank you very much and have a nice day! I hope someone can help me.
  21. I have a Commander Pro [fw 0.07.199] and Lighting Node Pro with 6 LL120 fans attached but for some reason I can't control the speed on fans 1 & 2; (3,4,5 & 6 are fine). I have checked and double-checked they are plugged in the correct order by unplugging one at a time and they spin down in the correct order. I also checked the lights go out in the right order too. One thing I have noticed is that the fans don't show in the correct order [compared to the official Corsair iCUE videos] in iCUE CoPro Performance stings though. Racking my brains, what am I doing wrong?...and I am assuming it is user error of some sort. http://henryfrost.com/corsair/only4fans.PNG Any ideas anyone? I appreciate iCUE is early access so there maybe issues but I've seen enough videos of it in action to believe this shouldn't be happening. :(:
  22. Hi, ik cant control my fans speed, i have the following setup: Corsair 500R ASRock Fatal1ty Z77 Performance (3-pin fan connectors) Intel i7-3770K MSI r9 390 Lightning Node Pro with led strips Corsair LED HD120 set I know that you need 4 pins to control the fans but i dont have thos connections on my motherboard. Do i need to buy a separate fan controller and connect to the node pro? Can anyone help me?
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