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Found 15 results

  1. I recently moved to another country and had my PC shipped. Now that I received it, the only problem I'm having is with the pump on my water cooler. It receives power and is recognized by the system, but Corsair Link shows it running at 0 RPM. When I turn my computer on, the CPU gradually gets hotter and hotter. As it does so, my system fans turn faster and faster. Of course, I turn everything off as soon as possible. This pump has worked fine since 2016 and was working fine the last time I had it running before packing it up to be shipped. Given that everything else in the system is working fine, and that my case was on its side when it was being shipped, I wonder if the fluid isn't adequately dispersed. I've heard that tilting the case in all different directions can help disperse it, but my attempts at doing so haven't changed anything (I wonder if there is a specific manner in which I should be rotating the case). Has anyone else had this problem?
  2. Hi folks I was wondering if anyone could help? I have a Corsair h100i gtx that has failed within the warranty period. I have already created a tma ticket, however I need this fixed as soon as possible. I’m doing an university degree and a lot of my course work is saved on my pc (which I can’t turn on as my cooler has packed in). I don’t have a spare cooler and my cpu doesn’t come with a heat sink or cooler (6700k). As I am in a tight spot what are my options? Not sure how long a replacement takes to receive after one has been agreed. I’m guessing between Corsair getting in touch, asking me to send faulty cooler in, them checking and confirming fault, then sending new cooler to me, this seems like it could take months in this current climate! If I purchase another cooler and my old one is under warranty will they reimburse me or send a new unit? I hope this isn’t an obvious question but I couldn’t find any information regarding what the process is. Sorry for the long post and I hope someone can Help! Thanks Steven
  3. So prior to now the system was absolutley fine for 4 years, was setup correctly in exhaust mode, custom curve for gaming, everything was peachy Recently though anytime the CPU is under load the temps shoot to 90-100. Idle is still around 60. The fans on max in link do bring the water temps down, but the CPU stays overly high. I don't feel water running through the pump, but I'm not 100%. Also, the exhaust air being blown out is cold which seems weird? Should it not be hot Any help would be appreciated as I have a dissertation due in a month, and need regular breaks for Hearthstone :biggrin: So far I have checked all connectors, run a malware scan with norton, updated windows, checked BIOS again but nothing helps
  4. Over the past month or so I've noticed that my CPU temps are way higher than they should be with my H110i GTX cooler - I am now seeing idle temperatures at 50-55C under no load and the fans are constantly running at maximum. I've tried re-seating the cooler on the processor with new paste and it seemed to improve a bit for a week or so, with max temps under load reaching ~65C on balanced mode and 55-60C on performance. Just this evening the max temps are now hitting 90-94C under load on balanced profile. Pump still shows as running at 3k rpm and I don't know what else to look at, I'm assuming the cooler is dying/almost dead? It is about 3 years old now. Any help/thoughts appreciated! Specs are below 5930k stock, no OC 16 GB - Vengeance® LPX 16GB (4x4GB) DDR4 DRAM 3000MHz C15 (CMK16GX4M4B3000C15) X99 Pro USB 3.1 GTX 980 TI Hybrid H110i GTX AIO Cooler
  5. Hi all, So I've had this PC for about 2 years now and during the past year, the water cooling fans have become increasingly louder for no apparent reason. I don't need to be running any intensive applications such as games for this to occur, it happens from simply turning on the PC and leaving it idle. Here's a screenshot of everything I see in Corsair Link: https://i.imgur.com/y3GJxiH.png The profile is also configured to be Quiet although it is far from it... I used to be able to run it at Performance without this issue occurring although through time it's become impossible to do so without hearing a jet engine throughout my entire apartment :sigh!: Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated and if I need to replace this thing I would happily do so at this point :confused:
  6. Got H110i GTX back when it first came out, is been working well until recently, the temp are very unstable and most of time it is running at a very high temp. Is been bordering me for a month now and I have tried numerous ways to try to fix/narrow down the fault. I tried, different settings for the cpu, fan settings, pump settings. Tried to renew thermal paste and reinstall the AIO twice. Sometimes when I thought I fixed the problem because the temp are back down to normal, the next thing you know, the temp sky rocketed again. Finally last night, I replaced it with the stock fans of the CPU, and everything back to normal, then I tried the 3rd time to reinstall the AIO back, and as a result shown in the attachment after 5 mins of Witcher 3. The screenshot was taken after about 5 mins I stopped the game, as you can see on the graph, my Core temps reaches up to 100c at max. Now I am 95% sure it is the fault of the AIO, is there anything I can do that I haven't tried that can potentially to fix it? Or I should just contact Corsair to get it fix?
  7. I am planning to get a couple of ML Fans, I am currently using H110i GTX. Does the fans comes with long screws set that is compatible with H110i GTX? Any ML Fans owner can help me please? Thanks!
  8. Hallo, ich habe folgendes Problem: Seit geraumer Zeit rasselt ein Lüfter oder die Pumpe der H110i (Kann das Geräusch nicht 100% lokalisieren). Das Rasseln stört mich eigentlich weniger jedoch Überhitzt die CPU bei 50% Auslastung und wird über 80 °C warm. Die Schläuche an der WaKü glühen dann auch richtig. Im Corsair Link sagt er mir jedoch das die Pumpe mit 3030-3060 RPM läuft und die Lüfter drehen auch beide und der PC wird extrem laut. Allerdings Zeigt er mir auch hier das die Kühlmittel Temp bei 54-59 °C liegt und die CPU Temp bei 69-80 °C. Irgendwann kommt die Schutzschaltung und der PC hängt sich einfach auf bleibt also stehen weil die CPU überhitzt. Hat jemand ne Idee was ich machen kann? Einschicken bei Mindfactory würde ne komplette Woche dauern und da ich grade an eine Projekt das sehr wichtig ist Programmiere brauche ich den PC und kann mir keinen Ausfall leisten. Bin für jeden Tipp Dankbar. MfG Nightmare842
  9. Hallo zusammen, ich hab das Problem das ich nach der Bestellung des AM4 Brackets für die H110i GTX/H115i dann eine zweite Mail bekommen habe, dass ich mich beim Support melden soll. Die hab ich in der USA jetzt angerufen, welche mir geraten hat ein Ticket zu erstellen..Problem: die Teile Nummer des Bracket gibt es nicht, dadurch kann ich kein Ticket erstellen. Bestellnummer ist: 1000104651 :[pouts:
  10. Hello Everyone, so Corsair Link does not detect my newly installed h110i. The cooler does power on and everything functions just link does not show it. I also have a Corsair HX850i which does show up in link. I have tried swapping which usb port on the motherboard it is plugged in to with no luck, however the HX850i does show up regardless of what port it is in. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I have tried the registry edits, just I cant get it to work. Any ideas?
  11. Hi Gurus, I've recently bought H110i GTX and wanted to change the stock fans to Thermaltake Riing RWB 140mm (3xFan Pack). I'm kinda lost when comes to connecting them, here are the things that I'm stuck. 1. In order for the RWB fans to work, all 3 fans need to be connected to the smart controller, the controller will then enable me to switch the different mode (256 colour cycling, Play/Pulse and etc). On the opposite of the controller it has a 4-pin connector which i'm suppose to connect it back to the MB as per the instruction guide. 2. The wires that coming out from the H110i GTX are a SATA power lead, a CPU header and two dual 4-pin fan power lead. Questions here: 1. Should I plug in the Thermaltake 4-pin connector (the wire from the smart connector) into one of the H110i 4-pin fan power lead? Will one 4-pin fan power lead able to accommodate 3x140mm RWB fans (3.12 W each) ? And then connect the wire from H110i to the CPU header? OR 2. Connect the Thermaltake 4-pin connector (the wire from the smart connector) straight to the CPU header? With this configuration, will I still able to control the fan settings through the Corsair Link? From my understanding there's a mini-USB cable that I need to connect to the MB USB 2 header. Hope I don't confuse y'all. Any advise would be much appreciated. Pardon my english as I'm not a native speaker.
  12. Hallo, habe eine H110i GTX seit einem Jahr laufen jetzt ist mir bei einem Umbau ein Schlauch locker geworden und hat nun schön langsam nach unten getropft (Kühlung ist oben im Deckel verbaut) auch ein teil der anderen Komponenten sind betroffen. Der Pc ließ sich starten hat aber nach ein paar Sekunden brach er ab. Ich haben nun die Kühlung ausgebaut und den besagten Schlauch abgezogen kann ich diese Kühlung nun weiterverwenden in dem man sie wieder befüllt? Ich habe nun versucht den PC ohne Kühlung zu starten aber dies gelingt nicht, er startet aber nach ein paar Sekunden ist wieder alles Dunkel. Könnte es möglich sein das die CPU einen Schaden davongetragen hat? Merci!
  13. I have purchased the h115i about two months ago (havent installed it yet) and Ive purchased the 460x(havent touched it yet) and ive heard there's no 280mm rad support up top , (I know there is front , I dont want front , I want to keep the rgb fans front) I have corsair Vengence low profile ram , and I know you can fit dual 140mm up top (no rad) , why isnt it possible to install with rad>?? what clearence issues does it introduce?? could modding the fans to be on the outside help? Thanks Yuval ps Im not going to return any of the products.
  14. So i bought the Corsair H110i GTX and i was wanting to replace the fans on the radiator to some quieter AF140 fans. Is this going to have any adverse effects on my radiator? They are in my NZXT S340 case so the radiator had to be mounted in the front and its the intake are for my case and i dont have enough room inside to set up a push/pull set up.
  15. Hi guys, need help here on how to get the best airflow. What fan to use, and where to place it?
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