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Fan speed control issues

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I recently just finished a PC build using a H510i Elite Capellix in a 5000X RGB case. I also purchased 3 additional SP fans and 1 additional ML fan. Currently I have the 3 SP fans that came with the case and the 3 additional SP fans connected to the core controller that came with the case. The 3 fans for the H510i and the extra ML fan are connected to the commander core that came with the H510i. When I open the iCue software it shows me fan speed controls only for the 4 ML fans connected to the commander core. I cant control the speed of the 6 SP fans. I would like to be able to control all fans speeds from iCue so i can use the built in profiles, of quiet, balanced, etc. How can I accomplish this? Right now it seems like the 6 - SP fans are running almost at full speed right when I boot up the computer. Thanks!!


I use the 6 SP fans as the intake on the front and side of the case. The H510i is mounted to the top and the additional ML is on the back and are the exhaust fans. my MOBO is an ASUS TUF GAMING Z590-PLUS WIFI.

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sounds like you have SP pro fans with a 3 pin connector right?

These are not PWM fans, they are DC controlled fans (speed varied by varying the supply voltage).

The Capellix controller is a PWM controller, so it sends a constant 12V to all the fans, changing the speed through PWM signal.

Basically the SP fans will always run at full speed since the voltage the controller sends is always 12V.

You would have to connect them to the motherboard headers to change their speed (but lose iCUE control... you have to set their speed through Asus AI suite), or.. change the fans if you can send them back, to take for example, other ML fans, or some SP Elite which are PWM controlled.

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Ive got the same setup as you (apart from you having a h150i and I have a h100i). I plugged the SP elites into the case PWM repeater and then plugged that into the commander core. Works perfectly and you dont have to worry about controlling them via a separate app. Although just be aware that the commander core will recognize everything thats plugged into the PWM repeater as 1 fan

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