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Question about Commander Pro Connection


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Hi, a few years ago I built my PC using 6 corsair LL120 fans. To connect them, I used the RGB Lighting HUB and the Lighting Node Pro included in the packages. So basically now I have in my PC 6 fans connected to the RGB Lighting HUB, that is connected to one of the two LED controllers in the Lighting Node Pro, while in the other LED Controller I have some Lian Li RGB Cable Extensions, and the Lighting Node Pro connected by USB to the Motherboard.

I'm from Spain, and here in the summer the thing gets quite hot, so I wanted to control the fans speed to lower the PC temperature, but found out I couldn't do it with what I have now, I need to install also a Commander Pro. I tried to make a diagram with the system I need to install and just wanted to ask if it's correct or I'm missing something, I let the diagram attached to the message. Thanks in advance!


Captura de pantalla 2022-12-11 130949.png

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looks good but you don't need the lighting node pro. there is a free RGB channel on the commander pro already 😉


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