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Strafe RGB white color problem


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I have just got my Strafe RGB (Nordic layout) and I tried to put the back-lightning to white, but it isn't white, it's like light green mixed with light blue color or something..

Other colors are perfect, but I would like to use white as my other setup is black/white.


Is there anything to get the color to white?


Picture (Pretty clearly can be seen on the left side, for some reason the camera makes almost all buttons pure white, but in real life all buttons have that color what is to the left..):


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To make the white light all 3 LEDs are lit up and thus some reflections can be seen if you look from certain angles. The other single colors won't show as much reflections because not all LEDs are fully light up at the same time.


Okay.. so I can do nothing about it..?

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In short: no. You can't do anything about it.


I heard that some other keyboards have 4 LEDs to avoid this issue (3 RGB leds + 1 white led) but this is not the case with Corsair RGB keyboards. At least not with the ones out so far.


Alright, thanks for help & explanation..

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